I thought much of my life was simple but since having my little boy many of life’s routines were simplified further. My make-up routine, including face cream and cleanser amounts to an impressive eight products and takes about five minutes. It’s just a bare minimum look to even out my skin tones and accentuate the eyes and a little colour with some lipstick. I thought I’d share what I’m currently using and what my make-up routine looks like at the moment.

Savar Essential Hydration Moisturiser: If I’ve decided to wear make-up on a particular day I start by mixing this Savar moisturiser with my BB cream (below). The moisturiser is extremely hydrating while being fast absorbing, making it perfect for those who are time-poor.

Oasis Beauty BB Cream: These BB creams offer full coverage with a matt finish. I’ve used them on their own but find that I prefer mixing the BB cream with my moisturiser. It also makes it much easier (and faster) to apply. In the colder months I wear the ‘Hepburn’ (darker) shade and in the warmer months I wear the ‘Monroe’ (medium) shade.

Trilogy Hydrating Mist Toner: I swore by this mist toner when I was in hospital after having Rafa. It provided an instant boost and glow, even without any make-up on. These days I use it during the day but particularly after I’ve put on my make-up for a lovely soft, fresh glow. One of my favourite Trilogy products, ever!

Chanel Eyebrow Pencil: I haven’t found a natural, plant-based alternative for my Chanel eyebrow pencil so I’ve just kept using it (have you got any suggestions?). Filling in my eyebrows are pretty important. I’m at the point of growing them out so filling them in helps make them look a little more presentable!

Lush Independent Eyeliner and Lush Eyes Rights Mascara: I’m so thrilled to have found safer eye make-up alternatives. I use the brushes that these products come with but you could always buy separate brushes to help with application. For my purposes using them as is works perfectly. The eyeliner stays put all day and doesn’t smudge once set. Both the products come off easily with a gentle cleanser and a wash cloth.

Karen Murrell Lavender Laughter (16) Lipstick: These days I don’t mix up my lipstick too much. I found the Lavender Laughter shade (a soft lilac) and fell in love, so it’s been on repeat for a few weeks now.

Oasis Beauty Light Milk Cleanser: And to take it all off at the end of the day I use the Oasis Beauty Light Milk Cleanser. The product is suitable for vegans and it’s free of fragrance, parabens, mineral oils and other nasties. This cleanser feels so gentle on my skin that I don’t mind cleansing twice at night!

What does you make-up routine look like? 
And I’d love to know if you have any suggestions for a more natural eyebrow pencil. 

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