I thought it would be interesting to keep a little time log as part of The Rising Tide Society‘s The Recharge Challenge. Tuesday’s challenge was to track your tasks and having an understanding of where your time goes. I really enjoy keeping time logs and I do so often just to gauge my work habits and see any trends or shifts in my days. There are a few simple, past day  in the life posts here. For this one I tracked the day from midnight to midnight.


2am Rafa woke up for a feed and fed for 20 minutes before going back to sleep.

6.50am Rafa’s awake – our day has begun. He has a little feed and then Patrick gives him his breakfast. I make a hot cocoa and have overnight oats for breakfast. Rafa plays on the floor after breakfast while Patrick and I have our hot drinks and talk and play with him.

8am I clear the morning dishes and try to get the kitchen as spotless as I can before Patrick leaves for work. I don’t think I need to cook today as I did lots of meal prep and cooking yesterday, but we’ll see.

8.30am Sat down to have a look on Instagram for a bit while Patrick puts Rafa down for his first nap.

8.45am I have a shower and get ready for the day. Complete with washed and blow dried hair!

9.10am I get ready to work but my laptop has other ideas and is busy updating. Once it starts working I quickly look up how to wear our Mountain Buggy Juno front pack in the side carry mode.

9.15am Rafa wakes up. Still trying to figure out the front pack, once I figure it out it becomes obvious that Rafa is just too wriggly for it at the moment. What a waste of time – but I guess at least I know!

9.45am Gave Rafa a massage for 10 minutes and then got him dressed for the day.

10am Selecting and editing photos for a blog post, Rafa is playing next to me and on me. I’m working on the floor at the moment.

10.20am Wondering why Rafa is chomping on my shoulder – oh my goodness he hasn’t had any breast milk. Cuddles and a feed for Rafa. I manage a few emails from my phone while feeding him and reply to a few Instagram comments and questions.

11am Leave home for the art gallery. There is a 11.15am tour for tots event every month. The tour is 30 minutes long and the morning tea afterwards is always a lovely treat. Today we’re the only ones there. I tell the guide that we’re happy to wander around on our own. She still takes us to a few pieces and then Rafa and I explore.

11.50am Off to the supermarket to pick up a few things.

12.30pm Rafa falls asleep in the front pack at about 12.30pm. I was hoping to get home by 12.15pm so he could sleep in his cot. Times like this when it’s my ‘fault’ he sleeps in the front pack, I don’t try to transfer him to his cot. I don’t think it’s nice disturbing his sleep that way. And I know he would have preferred to sleep in his cot so I take responsibility for this and continue carrying him in the pack.

12.45pm Home. I put the groceries away and have a bowl of grapes all while kissing and cuddling my sleeping baby.

1.18pm Rafa wakes up. We have cuddles together, I give him some milk and then we sit down to have lunch together. Rafa has congee with roasted pumpkin on the side. I have the same, though my congee has a lot more chilli!

2pm Play time for Rafa and bits of work for me. Rafa goes off on his own and comes back to me for cuddles when he needs a little reassuring or comfort.

3.15pm I offer Rafa the breast, he’s on for five minutes but not really interested. We read together for a while.

3.30pm He looks tired, but I was hoping to push his awake time a little further. He’s a little tired but not really sleep. I decide to help him wind down for a nap.

3.50pm Rafa’s asleep, I sit down to finish writing the post I’ve been working on since this morning! I finally hit publish. It’s done!

4.10pm Rafa’s crying. I try to resettle him but it doesn’t work so I sit and nurse him. He falls off to sleep after a while. I decide to remain there with him.

5pm Rafa wakes up just as Patrick gets home. We have a little play and then dinner for Rafa. I have a hot drink and then the three of us have some family time.

5.45pm Bath time – Patrick bathes Rafa and I go in and out. Bath time is still one of our favourite times with Rafa. It’s so calm, happy and fun. While Patrick gets Rafa dressed I quickly lay out dinner – pita bread, homemade falafel, homemade hummus and salad. Once Rafa is dressed I give him some breast milk.

6.20am After his feed we sing a few songs, read a few books and say his evening prayer. Lots of talking with Rafa as he plays in his cot.

6.40am Sleep time for Rafa, we got a bit carried away with the playing tonight. Instagram time for me and just some time to finally sit down and rest.

7pm Dinner and time with Patrick.

8.27pm Replying to and leaving comments for #TheRechargeChallenge on Instagram. Planning posts for the next day. Filled in our journals for the day. Quickly took some Instagram Stories and then got into bed with a book. I read until 11pm (when I finish the book – I really have no idea why I read it or what it all actually meant!)

11.12pm Sleep time for me x

Previously I would have been so disappointed about how ‘unproductive’ the day was. I really only got one blog post done and some social media work and emails. But looking at the whole picture and how different each day is I know that there will be other days where I get so much more work done, and then days where I get less then I did today done. I’m finally okay with that.

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