I feel like I’ve written quite extensively on skincare and products that I’ve been leaning towards but it doesn’t seem to dull the questions I constantly get on how to find the the right skincare products for yourself. Especially given that skincare products can be quite expensive. And what chemicals or nasties should we be on the look out for in our potential purchases. Today I’m going to attempt to tackle both these questions.

How to find the right skincare products for yourself?

Obviously you need to try the product, for a while. As pretty as the packaging is and regardless of how great it worked for your best friend before really investing and committing to skincare products you’re going to have to give them a whirl. My answer to this – as like you I have no intention of forking out $50 to try some miracle cream – is travel packs and minis. It seems obvious but a lot of my friends and readers are surprised when I say this. I buy the travel kits of products and brands I’m thinking about. Purchasing the Aesop travel kit was how I realised that the brand’s skincare products really weren’t for me.


I’m currently trying out the Goodness Natural Beauty Lab products. They have this handy grab and go goodness try-me kit. This pack with five assorted minis retails at $25 and contains enough product to get a good feel of the product.

And don’t be shy about asking for samples. I’ve got in touch with a few companies and asked  for samples or minis of certain products and I’ve done this at stores too. You maybe pleasantly surprised at just how equipped they are to provide customers with samples. Some even have little tubs that they’ll fill products into for you to take away.


The Goodness products also fit my no-chemicals criteria as they are free from artificial fragrance and no colourants.

Also, don’t be too hasty about trying new products. Often when you switch skincare products your skin may break out a bit. The director of Savar skincare suggested that I gradually introduce the new products. So instead of using all the new products at once, space them out over a few days and just remember that your skin will need time to adjust. I ‘try’ products for a month at the very least before deciding if I’m going to invest in a full size version of the product.

What chemicals or nasties should we be on the look out for? 

I started reverting to the “if you can’t eat it or pronounce it think twice about using it” philosophy. I use this infographic from Pangeo Organics as a guide. At the end of the day I think it’s a personal choice about your limits and boundaries.


I hope this has helped.

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