Very early in this pregnancy I stopped being able to wear certain pieces of clothing. At around the six week mark I could no longer wear my skinny jeans and pants comfortably. A lot of that owed to the fact that I end up getting the majority of my clothes, pants especially, altered. I live in pants and shorts but am so particular about them. The shorts are tailored and the pants are skinny. As soon as they stopped being able to fit I was stuck. I knew I didn’t want to buy maternity clothes, and they don’t fit me anyway, but I also didn’t want to buy too many things that didn’t connect to my pre-pregnancy style. I wanted to be realistic, practical and comfortable.


Joggers are something that I’ve never owned, nor worn. It would be safe to say I abhorred them. I never saw a pair that appealed nor one that appeared to be flattering. It was pure happenstance that I came across New Zealand label Commoners on Instagram and browsed through their collection when I saw this fleece jogger. I bookmarked it. I was drawn to the fact that it was made from cotton fleece which would provide enough warmth during our chilly Spring months. It sat nicely at the ankle which I like in a pair pants. But more so, it was a slim fit. I thought about it for most of the day trying to reconcile the fact that I was drawn to a pair of joggers. I went back to have a look at them in the afternoon and they were on sale. End of story.


I’ve mainly worn them at home or around our neighbourhood to get a drink from our favourite cafe, pop in to the green grocer or just an afternoon stroll. I haven’t been brave enough to wear them with sneakers or flats. I feel that the heels make me feel less self-conscious about wearing pants that aren’t skinny! I love the contrast between the understated jogger and a pair of fabulous heels. No doubt in a few weeks I won’t be able to lean over to do up or un-do these beautiful teal shoes then who knows…a pair of flats it might just be.


mentioned in this post: fleece jogger in dark marle by Commoners and the Aviary in teal suede heels by Dept of Finery

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