Where January was about getting organised and February was about doing the work, March is about just getting started. I’ve had a number of clients who talk about waiting for the right time to get started on something they really want to do, it’s usually something for themselves. It might be waiting for the beginning of a new month, or a new week. Using the 1st or Mondays or some other marker as the starting point. I can see the thinking and Psychology behind this. Beginning a 30 day challenge, starting Day 1 on Day 1. But is it necessary? Or is it more important just to get started? Perhaps considering a ‘mini’ start in the lead up to the ‘eventual’ start just to get your in the zone for when you actually beginning Day 1?

I was guilty of waiting for the right time, the beginning, Day 1, whatever you want to call it, until I decided just to get started…today, right, now! And what a difference it has made. I’m kinder to myself for it. Because I haven’t started on the ‘perfect’ Day 1 or starting point I’m more forgiving if I miss a day, I’m not tempted to start all over again because I stuffed up somewhere, I just keep going. I fall over, pick myself up, and give the next day everything I have. I might be doing Day 2 of my challenge on the 26th of February but I’ve found that just getting started has improved how I approach things I want to do. It’s helped me develop a healthier attitude towards doing things, instead of waiting for the right time, or doing things perfectly, and not being too hard on myself if I get a little side-tracked. The attitude has become about getting started and continuing.Not waiting for the right time has allowed me to remove that unwanted pressure of doing things perfectly at the ‘perfect’ time. When I was doing my PhD I could often only manage 15 minutes of yoga just before I went to bed, instead of not doing it (because it wasn’t the ‘perfect’ time) I did it anyway. Slowly I learnt to make the time, and moved to doing 45 minutes in the late afternoon. Now I congratulate myself for completing tasks however and whenever it is that I complete them. This month I’m going to focus more on getting started on the things I’ve been waiting for the ‘perfect’ time to do.I think the right time is today. You might not be able to do it perfectly today, but there’s a lot to be said for, and a lot of merit in, just getting started. I work with many clients on issues like this, if you’re interested you can read more about my mentoring and coaching program here.

Is there something you’ve been wanting to get started on but waited for the ‘right’ time? 

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  • Jacqui says:

    This is so true Vanisha! We all wait for the nice neat start date.
    From a nutritionist's point of view, some studies have shown that if a person begins to make healthy changes to their eating or exercising habits before their appointment with a Dietitian or before commencing a particular program, they are more likely to be successful at reaching their goals.
    My theory is that this is because they are taking greater personal control over the situation, whereas by waiting till a particular perfect moment/date/event there is more outside influence and less personal accountability. But I stress that that is just my theory!

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