Every time I think about how pregnant I am I find myself mentally poking my tongue at those doctors who told me I wouldn’t be able to conceive naturally, or if I did that I wouldn’t be able to carry my baby to term. Ha! Here we are edging towards the end of the third trimester in good health and spirits.


I’m finding clothes getting rather tight and I am repeating outfits more than usual – though to be honest I’ve been repeating outfits for a few months now as I’ve been determined not to buy too many new pieces to see me through pregnancy. A few weeks ago I wrote about some ethical and affordable clothing I got from Milk & Love. This 3/4 sleeve maternity and breastfeeding dress was one of the pieces and I’ve worn it every week, sometimes multiple times a week, since getting it. It has been so perfect for the now weekly visits to the doctor and midwife as well as for the last lot of ultrasounds and so on.


It’s such a versatile piece, the perfect little black maternity dress. I’ve kept my styling of it really simple with either a pop of colour with some heels, a scarf or accessories or all black everything which I tend to lean towards. I’ve worn it to cafe dates, trips to the supermarket and date night – and everything in-between. I was thrilled to find something familiar to my usual style (the little black dress) for these last few weeks of my pregnancy. It has helped me feel comfortable, pretty and like me with the addition of this big round belly!

You can shop the dress here, it’s also available in red if that’s more your colour, the wider Milk and Love ethical and sustainable collection can be found here.

5 comments on “Embracing The Third Trimester In A Little Black Dress”

  • Corryn says:

    I love your styling of the dress! And the gorgeous bump 🙂 So excited for you.

  • Kristian says:

    You look great in this! Glad to hear things are going well and healthily!

  • cheryl says:


    As happy as I am for you, your smugness makes me laugh as I am sure you have heard of stillbirths. It’s wonderful you see the best in life but there comes a time when life isn’t as easy as you think. Never take your situation for granted and smugness is a very unattractive quality.

  • Vicky says:

    We are so happy for you Vanisha and really love your blog. We know life can not be easy for everyone all the time and have been through difficult times ourselves, however we can not see one bit of smugness in your blog posts. You write with such warmth and compassion and clearly care so much much about others. Please keep writing and caring like you do. Vicky and the team xx

  • Kim says:

    Please keep shining your light and sharing your beautiful and wonderful posts. You are an amazing person and it’s very obvious how grateful you are and how you do not take your pregnancy or anything else for that matter for granted. Stay happy, stay healthy, stay gorgeous and positive because that’s who you are and that’s why we all love you and reading your blog xxx and enjoy and marvel in those last few weeks of your pregnancy and shout it from the damn rooftops as that is what you deserve! !

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