In February I received a wonderful present from an online friend, at the time I thought this Brave Mama Box from Heart in Box was just the best idea ever.  It wasn’t until I started using the little treats from the box that I truly realised its impact. It was as if every day in little moments there were reminders of how loved I am. I often pick up the items – the Kate Spade gold stripe tumbler, the minimalist hand stamped ‘loved’ necklace’ or the tote bag – without thinking. They’re handy, pretty items that I reach for constantly but then I look at them and remember the sentiment and message behind the gift and box in which they came and instantly my day improves and my outlook changes. Of course the stone ground chocolate bar that came with my box has long been consumed but these other gifts serve as constant, gentle reminders of love. I don’t think you could ask for much more from a present.


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