a portrait of my son, once a week 

Rafa what a fiery one you are.

Years ago I had the good fortune of meeting Jodi from Practising Simplicity. She had started a heartwarming weekly portrait series on her blog called The 52 Project where she photographed her children once a week, every week for the year. At that time I was coming to terms with my infertility diagnosis and with Patrick and I living in different countries I couldn’t really think of a way to partake in the series. When I found out I was pregnant I started documenting my growing bump each week, but didn’t share these photos. When Rafa arrived I started photographing our family once a week, every week until last week! I shared those images on Instagram which you can find using #ALUS52

Taking family photos was a real challenge. I had to juggle Rafa’s awake time, with Patrick’s at home time, with natural light time and even more importantly Rafa’s happy to have a photo taken time! That I managed to get them done is quite an achievement. This year I want to make things easier for myself and take portraits of Rafa. I know I’ll still make an effort to take family photos because I treasure those so dearly – especially being in the photos myself. I have many friends who say they desperately regret not having photos of them with their babies. And I’ll also be sharing the portraits on the blog instead of just on Instagram. With a few words – though hopefully not as many words as is in this post!

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