I didn’t expect my reading list this year to be too impressive and I certainly didn’t think I’d read more books than last year. I’m finishing off 2016 with a respectable list of 76 books. I wrote a post on some tips on reading a book a week and I stand by all of them. An additional tip to that list would be having books in a variety of formats. By this I mean print and digital. I didn’t think I’d ever read books digitally but since having Rafa it has been so convenient to read on my phone. Especially those early months when it seemed like all I was doing was feeding him. While nothing satisfies me more than curling up in bed with an actual book, a digital book is not too bad, especially when the alternative is not having a book to read. So next year I’m definitely going to make sure I have digital and print books on hand.

I won’t list all 76 books here, instead I’ll link to previous month in books posts and then add the last few months that I missed at the end.

January (13) | February (15) | March (12) | April (6) | May (4) | June (4) | July (4) | August (8) |

September – December (10)

1. Crazy Rich Asians – Kevin Kwan

2. The Girl With Seven Names – Hyeonseo Lee

3. Hitler’s Daughter – Jackie French

4. Women’s Wellness Wisdom – Dr Libby Weaver

5. Return of the Little Coffee Shop of Kabul – Deborah Rodriguez

6. Happy People Read and Drink Coffee – Agnes Martin-Lugand

7. The Natural Way of Things – Charlotte Wood

8. Blogging For Creatives – Robin Houghton

9. The Danish Girl – David Ebershoff

10. The Rainbow Comes and Goes – Anderson Cooper and Gloria Vanderbilt

Did you read anything interesting this year? 

Have you got any reading goals for 2017?  I’m going to keep at my book a week goal. 


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