In 2015 I had a lot of success with setting monthly intentions for myself which then helped me prioritise my goals and how I spent my time. I’ve decided to carry these monthly intentions over to 2016 with the overall intention of “simple yet significant’ as our ultimate intention for the year.


Before finding out I was pregnant we had a number of trips and big goals planned for 2016 but we’ve decided to take things back a few steps. We have no idea what the birth experience or what having a newborn is going to be like. We’re also going to be a family of two for a few months before the little one comes along with Miss 11 returning to her parents after two years of living with us. She moved to us to finish off primary school and now that she’s completed primary school she’s headed back to her family. That in itself will take a fair bit of adjusting to.

Instead of all the big goals we tend to set, and thankfully achieve for the most part, we want to focus on slowing things down and making it more about greater impact and significance. What will doing things that are simple yet significant look like? I’m not entirely sure. Once the last of our guests leave and we get our home back in order there’ll be a bit more breathing room to sit and talk about what we want to achieve this year. I’m really in love with this intention and I just wanted to share it. I’m excited about letting go of my desire to chase the toughest challenges and goals to just focusing on the smaller things that can often have great impact and ultimately enjoying the remainder of this pregnancy!

Do you have a word, mantra, phrase or intention for the year? 

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  • Katrien says:

    I love this, Vanisha. Very practical but inspiring. The conversations you’ll have around this sound like they’ll be creative and fun. I set my intention yesterday: for the year ahead I will remember the kid I am. Also, the word ‘contribute’ came up three times so I think that’s going to set the tone for me as well. Happy wishes for 2016 and all the wonderful things it will bring xxoo katrien p

  • This is lovely, darling! Wishing you a jolly good start to the year:) xoxo

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