In 2015 I managed to get through 52 books, which I guess you could say amounts to a book a week but there were a few weeks where I didn’t finish anything and then weeks like this week where in the first six days of the year I’ve got through three books. Last year I made it a point to try not to buy too many new books, instead I borrowed from the library or browsed through op-shops. I did cave and buy a few new books – usually while I was travelling or if there was a book I felt I just needed to read right away! 

This year I want to be a little more intentional and organised when it comes to reading. With a baby due to make an appearance in a few months I’m not entirely sure what life will look like but nonetheless I’m remaining optimistic that there will be time to read.


Here are a few lessons I learnt in 2015 and strategies I’m putting in place for 2016:

Read everyday.  I was able to do this for the most part. I found reading everyday, regardless of how tired I was, made a real difference.

Family reading time. It was one of the most enjoyable parts of the day – Miss 11, Patrick and I all curled up in the lounge with our books. I’m hoping Patrick and I can continue to manage to set time aside in the evenings to sit, engrossed in our books.

Have a list of books I want to read. I’ve got a list going on dropbox, which I can access on my phone, with a bunch of titles I really want to read. Many of them are newer books so it’ll probably be a while until they get to the second hand book stores, but it’s a handy list to have at the library. Or if I’m in a real pickle and end up at a book store I can at least ‘impulse’ buy a book that’s on my list.

Have books handy. While I may have the above list, one of my biggest problems is that I run out of books to read way too quickly. I’d have a tonne on my bedside table, get through them, and then not be able to replenish my stock with titles I actually want to read quick enough. Yesterday Patrick and I headed out to one of our favourite second hand book stores and bought a bunch of books (for $12 – that wouldn’t even have got us one book at a new books store!). I’m going to try to make trips like this a weekly ritual, perhaps a new take on Patrick and my book store dates!

Have a variety of books. Another hurdle I ran into last year was not having a mixture of books on hand. Sometimes I’d finish a non-fiction book and just want something light to read and not have anything on the shelf. The books I picked up yesterday were a great mix of fiction and non-fiction and covered a variety of topics. A book for every mood I suppose.

With these strategies in place, and in mind, I’m excited to get through even more books this year!

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  • Kristian says:

    Wow- As a teacher, I am really loving the idea of family reading time, even with older kids, and that it is everyone reading their own book. I love families reading to kids, but this was such a good way for Miss Eleven to see that you put importance on reading by seeing you read 🙂

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