This was a non-work day for me and a day on which I had cancelled our plans in favor of some quiet at home time.


5.55am I wake up (naturally, without an alarm clock!). Couple time.
6.15am I hear Rafa wake up, I’m in bed reading.
6.30am Get out of bed to get Rafa. He has a feed. Get him dressed.
6.52am Patrick hands me a hot chocolate, made the way I like it, on the stove top. Patrick finishes making Rafa’s porridge.
7am We’re all at the table for breakfast (all having porridge with puffed amaranth. Patrick and I have banana, Rafa is over bananas).
7.20am Rafa excused from the table. Patrick and I sit for a few more minutes and go through our day.
7.30am I go and have a shower and get ready.
7.47am I’m ready. Patrick goes to shower and gets ready. Rafa plays around me while I take some photos for Instagram and the blog. We read two story books. Rafa’s walking around with my old iPhone with the music playing. I edit some photos on my phone. 8.30am Patrick leaves for work. We carry on as we were.
8.45am – 8.55am Breastfeeding. Drawing with Rafa.
9.15am Vacuum the lounge – just a quick 5 minute vacuum. We color, sing, dance and read. I read for a while and Rafa reads around me. Change his nappy.
11.15am – 11.25am I get the dough ready to make rotis later. Cuddles with Rafa.
11.55am Get Rafa ready to nap.
12pm Rafa’s asleep. I start rolling out the roti and cooking them.
12.45pm I hear Rafa. I’m almost done making the roti so I leave him in his cot.
1pm I finish the roti. Breastfeed Rafa.
1.15pm We both sit at the table and have lunch together.
1.45pm I read and Rafa plays.
2.10pm Breastfeeding. Again. Rafa has been feeding quite often lately.
2.18pm Attempting to change Rafa’s nappy. He doesn’t keep still.
2.26pm F
inally! A fresh nappy on Rafa. We go for a walk.
3pm – 4.30pm I swear all I did was constantly feed him in between trying to distract him from feeding.
4.30pm Exhausted from the constant feeding, I decide it’s an early dinner for Rafa boy.
4.45pm Patrick’s home. He sits with Rafa and I at the table, snacking and talking. We then have a little play.
5.30pm Patrick gives Rafa a bath and then we have some wind down time together.
6pm Rafa’s in bed. Patrick and I are chatting on the sofa. We have an early dinner.
7.15pm I leave for my yoga nidra class.
7.30pm – 8.30pm Yoga nidra.
8.49pm I get home, drink a big bottle of water and flop onto the couch with Patrick who is reading.
9.30pm I’m bed bed reading. I’m sure I’m asleep by 10pm.

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