This is probably one of my most favourite photos of Miss 910 and I 

 I’ve realised that a typical day in our little family of three often revolves nicely around what all three of us enjoy doing as a family and as individuals. With this realisation came the thought, how would we manage if our family were larger? I love the attention that we’re able to give to Miss 10 and each other. I can’t imagine having the energy (or finding the time) required to do that with more than one child. It scares me a little now thinking that I wanted three!
Spending the morning with Miss 10 at the park, she’s thrilled about her newly acquired skateboard skills. Patrick was impressive on it too. I, on the other hand, not so much. 

Patrick and I also celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary. Unlike past years where we were able to celebrate alone, this year we had Miss 10. She made us a lovely card and we went out for a late lunch and drinks. 
I’m so lucky that both Patrick and Miss 10 are so supportive of my blog. Like most weekends, we spent today exploring and scouting out places for some photos. 
One of our favourite things to do as a family is go to museums or art galleries. The range and variety of exhibitions often means that we are all engaged and happy. 

On days which I know are going to end up being busy, or where we’ll be moving from activity to activity, I try to keep my outfits simple. Today, I opted for a skirt and a knit and simply changed up the shoes, accessories and my lippie.

outfit details: Country Road knit | Leina Broughton leatherette skirt | Alias Mae mulberry boots | Jigsaw black boots

How do you survive busy days that involve a host of different things? 

7 comments on “A Day In The Life…”

  • Kristian says:

    I love that you go to art galleries together. That is awesome. Also- your outfit is entirely lovely and I too am impressed Miss 10 can skateboard (I'm always impressed when someone can. I fall off.)

  • Lilybett says:

    Love that picture of you both at the top as well. She's a gorgeous child, but mostly I love that you're both in your socks/stocking feet. xx

  • Rita says:

    On busy days, I try to pack light. If I have to move around from one place to the other, I don't want to carry around a really heavy bag filled with unnecessary stuff…On other notes, my mum and dad always took us to museums, art galleries and libraries and these are still places we love to go as adults.

    p.s.Love the different textures in your outfit.

  • Sounds wonderful and those photos are so sweet! On busy days I try to dress in a way that I feel comfy running around the city but also presentable when I have a meeting. Btw: your skirt is stunning, sweetie. xo

  • Sam says:

    Congratulations on your wedding anniversary, I wish you both many many more decades of happiness and love and that the beautiful Miss 10 will share in that with you, she is adorable and you are excellent with her. Hope your week is going well 🙂

  • Tyne Swedish says:

    This post and your Instagram make me smile. I am so thrilled and happy for you and you seem to be glowing which I love. And girl yes 3 can be very busy but if they are close in age you'd be amazed at how one just adapts to it with very little effort.
    On a busy day when Jason and I are going to a film and lunch and make a walk in a garden or museum or running errands all over town I tend to stick to what will I be comfortable in: to sit in the film or hours or in the car while we drive place to place or walk in for the museum. I try to look nice but sometimes with the heat or activities comfortable is the best I can do.
    I love you on the skateboard. Oh how I miss my skateboard.


  • You have such a beautiful family, these pictures were refreshing to see (thank you for sharing!) I am not yet married nor do I have children but I am always interested to see how those that are juggle all that is thrown their way, continuously.

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