a-life-un-styled-kama-catch-me-simple-hair-care-routine-savarI can’t believe how much I’ve simplified my life over the course of two years. It started with my wardrobe and extended to my skincare and even further to the people I now let into and keep in my life. It’s been freeing and as a result I feel like so many wonderful things have happened. I suppose in a way you’re creating more time and space for the positive and amazing opportunities. Something that’s really surprised me lately is just how minimal my hair care routine has become. A few years ago I was at the salon three times a week. Sometimes for a cut, colour, a protein treatment – and always, always a blow dry and styling. I rarely did my own hair. Part of this was owing to the fact that I had found the most amazing hair stylist and he completely understood me.

It’s been about six years since I’ve had any colour in my hair. All the coloured bits have since grown out. I now only make it to the salon twice a year (though I go more during events like Fashion Week). What’s replaced all the salon trips and products is now a simple hair care routine that I pamper myself with at home, and it only includes three products. I’ve never had healthier hair. It’s shiny, soft and it seems to grow quicker than it ever has. I notice these things because I used to run ahead of my mum to our hair dresser and beg her “not too short” because it took forever for my hair to grow back. It’s a completely different story now. I use coconut oil on my hair once a week. I pay particular attention to my scalp and the ends. Sometimes I’ll ask Patrick to apply it. I try to leave it on overnight and wash my hair the next morning or if I’m pressed for time I’ll put it on 30 minutes before I shower.


Over a month ago I decided to give the Savar Ultra Cleaning Shampoo and Ultra Nourishing Conditioner a try. I have had great success with their skincare and bath products and was excited about their plant based hair care. I’m not one to jump the gun after a single use but that’s exactly what happened. After using it for the first time, I sent an email to Vicky (Director and Founder of Savar):

I used the Savar Shampoo and Conditioner over the weekend – as I was washing my hair I couldn’t help thinking it made me feel like I was being kind to myself and the environment. It smells great and is gentle. The real hero for me was the conditioner. It left my hair feeling entirely silky and soft without even having combed through it. Another set of fantastic products! Congratulations!

I didn’t want to write a review after one use so I gave it a while. I wash my hair once or twice a week and have been doing so with these products for over a month now. The verdict – the shampoo smells great, it’s got a lovely thick consistency and made with cucumber, ginger and Manuka honey. Is it that different from other ‘natural’ shampoos I’ve tried? Not really. It’s good. My hair didn’t feel dry once I washed it out (if I needed to I could get away with not using a conditioner).

But as I mentioned in my email to Vicky, the real star of the duo for me was the conditioner. The Savar Ultra Nourishing Conditioner is the best conditioner I’ve ever used, natural or otherwise. Savar are on the money in promoting it as “lightweight, deeply nourishing” product. It certainly is just that. Think of it as moisturiser for your hair. Upon washing it out my hair feels like it’s been combed through. There are no knots, no tangled bits, just lovely smooth hair. Not needing to comb through it helps minimise breakage too. The conditioner contains cucumber, avocado and Manuka honey. Between you and me, I think it’s the avocado content in the conditioner that makes a significant difference.

Both products are suitable for all hair types and for all members of the family. The Savar shampoo and conditioner retails for $39 for 500ml, to order or to check for stockists, have a look at the Savar website.

What’s your hair care routine like? 

I do need to get a little better about scheduled trims to help keep some elegance with the shape!

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  • i apply a some type of cream or pomade to keep it under control after I shower and apply with my hands some argan oil… It’s fantastic!

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