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I’ve teamed up with New Zealand luxury skincare brand Savar to bring you a little gift guide for everyone. From the littlest in the home to the oldest. A few people have asked what my relationship with Savar is, and I thought this would be the perfect time to explain. I came across Savar on Instagram a few years ago. I remember commenting on a picture of their lip balm, they were kind enough to send me a tub to try. Over the years my relationship with the brand evolved into a true friendship based on genuine admiration for the products and the philosophy of the brand. Vicky, the founder and owner of Savar, was one of the first few people I told I was pregnant – we had met for lunch in Auckland. I must have only been about 14 weeks. Supporting Savar is like supporting a entire tribe of women spreading happiness and kindness and of course, in buying their products you are making the choice of natural over synthetic ingredients. You’re being kind to yourselves and the environment.

So here’s a little round of products that I think would make lovely, usable gifts for friends and family. Giving gifts that people can actually use is important to me. I don’t want what I spend my money on to end up on a shelf forgotten.

Something for a mumma and her baby. Savar recently released a new baby range, currently the baby products are only available as part of the Savar Luxury Pack, which includes my all-time favourite product, the ultra brightening serum for mum. A practical gift for mumma and baby.

For the difficult to shop for. Or for those who really have everything I would opt for products people would need everyday. Body wash. Body lotion. Shampoo and Conditioner (the best conditioner I have ever used). If you decide on the shampoo and conditioner, I recommend getting the Ultra Premium Hair Gift Pack. I like these types of products for gifting because if your intended recipient doesn’t use it, it’s an easy enough product to pass onto someone else in the family.

Something for the men. Savar have one product specifically formulated for men, the Savar Men’s Multi Active Moisturiser. Now, this isn’t a product I’ve tired, Patrick hasn’t tried it either but if all the other products I’ve mentioned (and have personally used, over and over) are anything to go by, there is no reason to believe this product would be anything but true to its description. The products mentioned above for the difficult to shop for would also be fitting gift ideas for the men in your life.

A wanderer in our midst. A collection of Savar products in mini-sizes to adhere to airport regulations. A handy little travel pack for those heading off on an adventure. The travel pack includes 4 x 50ml bottles of body wash, lotion, shampoo and conditioner. This mini pack would also make a great stocking filler.

And for a truly indulgent and luxurious present, I can’t recommend the Savar Nourishing Face Pack more. To read more about it, or if you feel it is a bit pricey, read my review to see how you can possibly share the cost.

Have I missed anyone? I probably have, but luckily Savar haven’t missed anyone – so if you’re looking for something specific, have a browse through their range of products. View their entire range here.

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