Yet another month in books! To be honest I didn’t think I’d manage to read anything this month – especially in the first two weeks of Rafa’s life but surprisingly I managed six books. I couldn’t have picked more challenging books for this month though – three of them were huge and heavy. Not the best combination when breastfeeding and trying to balance a four kilo baby in one arm and a book in another! A lesson learnt. For May I’m going to reach for books that I can easily hold in one hand. I’m not a fan of e-books but they might be a better option for me in the next few months. None of the books from April make my notable list but I certainly enjoyed all of them.

1. The Unmumsy Mum – Sarah Turner | I couldn’t have picked a better book to read in the first few weeks of Rafa’s life! One line stood out for me “all the gear, and no idea” except I didn’t even have all the gear! Just heavier on the “no idea” This book did wonders for my fragile soul at the time and provided a great many laughs in the early hours of the morning.

2. Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide To Creating Ridiculously Good Content – Ann Handley

3. The Mountain Shadow – Gregory David Roberts | What everyone wants to know is did I think it was better than Shantaram? No, I don’t think it was. It was still a great read and was pleasant “catching up” with all the characters I came to adore in Shantaram.

4. The Kinfolk Home: Interiors For Slow Living – Nathan Williams

5. The Kinfolk Table: Recipes For Small Gatherings – Nathan Williams

6. Simplicity Parenting: Using the Extraordinary Power of Less to Raise Calmer Happier, and More Secure Kids – Kim John Payne & Lisa M Ross

I don’t have too many books lined up for May, which isn’t a good sign. I find I read more if I have a stack of books ready to reach for. I better get on to it!

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