As the colder weather well and truly sets in my skincare routine has shifted a fair bit. Like our meals, our skincare products are richer and more comforting. I love manicures but pedicures I’ll only indulge in a few times a year – for the simply fact that they tickle like anything. In between pedicures I keep my feet happy with at-home, no fuss, happy feet treatments. My family recently started using, and have continued using, Savar products. You can read all about why we swapped out soap for natural body wash here. But in this post I’d like to share a few quick and easy steps to keeping your feet happy in between pedicures.

I only use three products for my at home happy feet treatments: the Savar energising body wash, the Savar sugar scrub and the Savar ultra nourishing body butter. None of these products are marketed as foot treatments but I’m all about products serving multiple purposes and really minimising what I need to purchase and make space for in my home.

Step 1 Spread a towel. On it place big bowl filled with lukewarm water, or hotter if you prefer. Make sure the bowl is big enough for you to soak both your feet. You could do this in the bath tub if you like. I include a few pumps of body wash into the water, I use the Savar energising body wash. The lemon balm in it is perfect to soften and relax your feet. I let me feet soak until the water gets cool. I don’t do anything other than sit there and wiggle my toes in the water.

Step 2 Take a generous amount of the sugar scrub and get scrubbing, and massaging. I’ve opted for the Savar sugar scrub for my happy feet home treatment as it contains beeswax (a perfect antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent). The scrub is also non-abrasive which means it’s not going to irritate my sensitive skin, but more importantly – it’s not going to tickle! Rinse the scrub off once you’re happy with your handiwork.

Step 3 Pop your feet onto the towel, pat dry and gently massage them. You’ll feel the delicate remains of the hazelnut oil. Starting at your ankles massage the body butter all the way down to your toes. The Savar body butter is non-greasy and absorbs easily (perfect for those who get a little impatient waiting for our skin to absorb products!). The avocado and blackcurrant oils nicely complement the hazelnut oil from the scrub. You’re good to go.

I try to do this treatment once a week.

Bonus I try to do my happy feet treatment in the evenings, just before bed if I can. If this is the case, after step three, I’ll apply a little more body butter to my feet, without massaging it in too much, and slip on a pair of socks and head to bed. I wake up the next morning with amazingly soft feet and heels.

How do you keep your feet happy in-between pedicures? 

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