I’ve been so excited to share my August in books post. August was a fabulous month for reading and for my notable books list so I’ll get straight into it.

Notable Books 

1. Exhausted to Energised – Dr Libby Weaver | I’d seen this book around but hadn’t really been keen on reading it and I’m not entirely sure what changed but I picked it up at the library and I’m so glad I did. The book touched on so many aspects of life that I’ve been confronted with since having a baby. In particular the section on Post Natal Depletion reduced me to tears and reminded me of what my body and I had just accomplished and the need to be kinder and gentler with myself is crucial now. I’m not entirely sure if what Dr Weaver suggests is all that new, I think the magic lies in the way she articulates this wisdom and knowledge. I was so impressed that I borrowed all her other books!

I was actually going to add  all her books to my notable list but I did find them rather repetitive (which serves me right reading them one after the other). Had I read them over a few months I’m sure each of them would have found their way onto the notable books list. I’ve put Exhausted to Energised here because of all the books this was the one I wanted on my bookshelf (and which I now have).

Other Books

2. Rushing Woman’s Syndrome – Dr Libby Weaver

3. Dr Libby’s Read Food Kitchen – With Chef Cynthia Louise

4. Dr Libby’s Real Food Chef – With Chef Cynthia Louise

5. Dr Libby’s Sweet Food Story – With Chef Cynthia Louise

Of the three recipe books I really couldn’t choose which I enjoyed the best. I read them all cover to cover and there are so many recipes from each of them that have become favourites in our home. Perhaps you could borrow them from you library before deciding which one(s) you want for your kitchen.

6. Beauty From The Inside Out – Dr Libby Weaver

7. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts One and Two – JK Rowling, Jack Thorne and John Tiffany | I bought two copies of this book, one for my sister and one for Miss 12 but ended up reading the e-version. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly my brain adapted to reading a play and I enjoyed the insight and reflections of the characters and events. It was interesting reading about past events and the internal turmoil and reflections of the old characters and the struggles of the new. I read all the Harry Potter books so I figured I may as well read this too.

8. A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book – Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman | I re-read this after a few years, just to spark a little creativity. Thanks to the book I’m doing the 30 day self-portrait challenge on Instagram. It’s a fun little book with crafty ideas for photos and projects.

In total I’ve now read 67 books, not a shabby effort for a new mum and my book a week goal!

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