Getting ready for bed is such an enjoyable part of the day. There’s something so therapeutic about holding a freshly bathed baby, all snug in his favourite pyjamas. Craddling Rafa for a final feed, reading a book with him or just smothering him with kisses. All three of us will hang out in Rafa’s room until he’s ready to sleep. After a feed he’ll enjoy cuddles and play a little with Patrick. They’ll say a little prayer for family and friends, especially Rafa’s friends. I might steal my little man away for final cuddles and kisses but eventually Patrick will pry him out of my arms and truly get him ready for bed. A few hours into Rafa’s night time sleep Patrick and I are missing  him!


Routines have become a little more prominent in our home, mostly because we’ve seen how positive they have been for Rafa. There are a number of positive associations he has developed and where possible we keep them up. I find having fewer things helps develop and maintain effective routines for us and assists in Rafa developing these positive associations. There are only a few things around him during specific times of day and he has come to know what they mean.


Today I thought I’d share a few of the things that we’ve loved for enhancing Rafa’s night time routine.

Bam and Boo Sheets | We have the Bam and Boo fitted sheets and flat sheets in two colours, though at this time only the black is available (and on sale here). One of the flat sheets lives in the pram and one in my backpack as they are perfect to use on the go as well as in the cot.

Bam and Boo Pyjamas | I recently got the Bam and Boo snug me pyjamas with flat sweet seams and it’s been a case of wash and wear. Patrick wants a pair in his size and I wouldn’t mind one either. Rafa is wearing his in the photos. The pyjamas have an envelope neck top with slim fit, drop crotch pants. The suit is designed with no cuffs and flat sweet seams for greater comfort and specifically comfortable for those with sensitive skin. The suit also makes a fabulous base layer. Unfortunately the 6-12 month size has sold out (which is why we have a wash and wear situation in our household) but there is still stock for 1 to 4 year olds. Lucky ducks!


Snugbags Merino Sleeping Bag | We have the Winter Merino Duvet sleeping bag but there are other options depending on the temperature of baby’s room and the climate where you live in. I wrote a review about the bag when we first got it, before Rafa came along (you can read it here). Rafa is in his sleeping bag for all his naps and night time sleeps, in the evenings we swaddle him over the sleeping bag (he’s unswaddled for day naps). Now that he’s in his sleeping bag there has been no need for additional blankets or sheets. He wears his bam and boo pyjamas, gets zipped into his sleeping bag and that’s it. It has also become an amazing cue for sleep, once he’s in his sleeping bag he knows rest is on its way. It’s also a lot easier to handle him for early morning feeds and nappy changes. No fighting with blankets or layers.


Story time | Story time is a big part of our night time routine with Rafa. Our favourite book at the moment is Time For Bed by Mem Fox. It’s such a lovely rhythmic story. I read it to Rafa twice in different voices and the board book format means he can easily turn the pages. Sometimes bed time is delayed because he’s having a play turning pages and looking at the illustrations (well that’s what I think he’s doing, he could just be having me on and trying to put off going to sleep!)

Do you and your little one have any favourite bed time sleep essentials?

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  • Thank you so much for the beautiful write up Vanisha and the stunning pictures. I love how you love bedtime routine so much and it sounds like it is a gorgeous, calm and very precious time for all of you – as it should be. We are very thrilled and honored to read that our Snugbag is such a big part of Rafa’s routine and that it helps him drift off so very calm and peacefully. This is exactly why we do what we do and to read this fill us with pride and joy.
    Thanks so much again for your kind and lovely words.
    Much love and sweet dreams.
    Kim xx
    SNUGBAGS – Merino for Kids

  • gabs says:

    Motherhood suits you so well 🙂

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