I knew from the beginning that I didn’t want our little one in the bed with us. I sleep all over the entire bed, Patrick often has to re-position himself around me in the middle of the night. We have an additional room in our home but decided to put our little one in our bedroom in a cot. The first lot of things we really bought for our little one centred around a place for him or her to sleep, so I thought I’d share our sleep essentials.


Cot and Mattress: After having a look around I decided on the Mocka Aspiring Cot in white, and bought the mattress from Mocka as well. The cot met all the safety features, and the base adjusts to suit baby’s development and it converts to a toddler bed (and the conversion kit isn’t pricey! yay!).


Cot Sheets: I’m pretty sure that the only sheets our little one is ever going to use are going to come from Bam + Boo. I got the cot sheet sets in grey and black that include a fitted sheet and  flat sheet. I’m not going to be using the flat sheet in the cot but they are the perfect size for popping into your bag for trips out of the house, for the stroller, or just for lounging around (instead of the flat sheet, we’ve opted for a sleeping bag, see below). The Bam + Boo sheets are made from stretchy bamboo viscose and organic cotton. I can’t wait for Bam + Boo to make sheets for adult beds! They are also one of the few businesses I’ve come across that sell solid black and grey sheets which is what we wanted.


Sleeping Bag: I dedicated an entire post to the Snugbags sleeping bag we chose for our little one here. We’ll be using it as soon as baby becomes uncomfortable being swaddled. Snugbags and I are running a giveaway, have a look on my Facebook page or Instagram (@alifeunstyled) for the details, but be quick it ends March 8th!


Moses Basket: Many people tried to discourage me from buying a Moses Basket but I bought one anyway because I envision writing at my beautiful work space and having the little one near by. We like the idea of having the Moses Basket in the lounge area while we’re lounging around or in the kitchen. We got ours from Baby Trenz who offer organic baskets that come with a mattress and so reasonably priced! The Moses Basket is for the daytime, I guess, when baby has a sleep and Patrick and I want to get things done outside of the bedroom but still have him/her close.

Extras: In addition to the above, we also bought mattress protectors for both the cot and Moses Basket, and I bought a single fitted sheet for the Moses Basket. I also asked my mum to buy us two baby waterproof Macintosh sheets to place under the mattress protectors for the cot and Moses Basket as a little added protection. I haven’t been able to find any here in Dunedin, so she’s sending them from Fiji!

We’ve tried to keep baby things to a minimum and so far I think we’ve done a fairly decent job with it all.

Have you got any other baby sleep essentials that you got for your little one, or that you found particularly helpful? 

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