Rafa’s favourite place for a bath in Fiji – the backyard

Rafa’s bath time routine is one that both Patrick and I love and want to be involved in, and dreadfully miss if for some reason one of us are away. We have had the same bath time routine for Rafa since he was a baby, with slight variations as he has grown and with our travels. Rafa’s bath time is boisterous. His giddy excitement for it is contagious. Rafa usually has a bath between 5.30pm and 6pm, after dinner. As soon as you say bath time he starts running around the house showing you what you need to do to get his bath ready.

When we’re at our New Zealand home, he still has his bath in his tummy tub. We’re currently in Fiji and his options are threefold. The shower, the laundry sink, or outside. He prefers outside with the entire backyard acting as his shower. We don’t put a time limit on his bath time, because we know that eventually he will want to come out. If we don’t have anywhere to be, we let Rafa decide the length of his bath.

Rafa doesn’t have bath toys. We’ve kept this as such so it doesn’t distract from what he’s meant to be doing in the bath, that is, cleaning himself. He has a wash cloth, his toothbrush and his body wash, those serve as all the entertainment he needs and of course, there’s the functional element to all of them.

Before leaving New Zealand a few weeks ago we started using the new Savar Luxury Baby range on Rafa. The entire range smells absolutely heavenly. At the moment we’re using the Savar Magic Hair and Body Wash. I love watching Rafa try to use the pump and get product out. He pretends to rub it all over his body. It is the cutest thing. The Magic Hair and Body Wash is soap free and 100% natural.  Currently the Savar Luxury Baby range products cannot be purchased individually, but are available in a set that contains the Magic Hair and Body Wash, Magic Gentle Face and Body Cream, Magic Soothing Baby Balm, and my favourite the Rosehip Ultra Brightening Serum (for mum!). It’s a thoughtful and practical gift for mum and baby.

It’s a bit too hot in Fiji at the moment so we’re not using creams or balms on Rafa…but mumma has been known to sneakily use the Magic Gentle Face and Body Cream herself. Hopefully by the time we return to New Zealand I’ll be able to purchase the products individually so I can replace Rafa’s face and body cream before he finds out that it’s all gone.

I’m not a skincare expert, I use my judgment and intuition when choosing what we use on Rafa or let him use. I encourage you to look at the ingredients of the products you use, do a simple search to understand what they are and how you feel about them. Even though I love Savar, I still looked through the ingredient list and googled the items I wasn’t familiar with before using the products on Rafa (what I found were items that were all naturally derived – and that’s a solid starting point in my opinion).

You can view the new Savar Luxury Baby Range here.

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