The story of success that I want to hear has always been that of the failure behind, or alongside, it. I am fascinated by failure. What it looks like, what it feels like, how it is addressed and what it potentially leads to. In many cases great failure leads to unimaginable success. I’m curious about what is behind success. I’m interested in how people define success, and particularly the disconnect between how we personally view our success and how it is viewed from the outside.

In 2017 I started talking about success, and failure, on my Instagram account. The comments, messages and emails revealed that people wanted to talk about what happens behind success, or in the lead up to it. I had numerous private conversations with individuals in various industries and at different stages in the careers and a few consistent threads emerged. What they thought was their success, differed from what the outside world saw. Their ‘failures’ (for the sake of clarity) were moments they wanted to talk about more, but felt like it was an area that was taboo. People got uncomfortable with failure. And that behind their success were deep, often ongoing, struggles.

This series is an attempt to add to the conversation on success and failure. It seeks introduce a diversity of voices speaking to the different definitions attached to success. Through Behind Success I hope to present an honest, intimate conversation of what people encounter along their journey to living their best life. It is my hope that this series will comfort you and support you along your own journey. I started 2018 crashing straight into failure, and I’m still swimming against the tide of this failure (you can read more about this here).

Later this month I’ll be sharing the first interview in the series. In the meantime, you can join the conversation over on Instagram.

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