For the past few weeks I’ve shared a number of posts featuring some of my favourite MARACA products. These included a post on how to burn your candles evenly and how to choose a fragrance for your home. In these posts I shared snippets of my conversation with Chris Lim, the Founder and Nose of MARACA. Today I thought I’d take you behind the scenes a little and share with you the reminder of our conversation that didn’t make it into the previous posts.

VMV: Chris, I’m curious about the name MARACA. It’s quite different to names that are out there at the moment. 

Chris Lim: When I was at the stage of naming MARACA I had three key influencers for the name – I wanted it to be easy to pronounce, it needed to sound luxurious and it had to be memorable.  MARACA just came to me one day when I was daydreaming about a fabulous holiday that I had had in Brazil – maracas were played everywhere to celebrate! MARACA just rolled off my tongue with ease, it was a unique name different to any other luxury brands and I couldn’t stop thinking about it so I knew it would be a memorable one!


VMV: It certainly is memorable!  I love your “destination” inspired candles Marrakesh and Shanghai Night. Travel experiences seem to play such a big role in inspiring our lives. I’ve only known about MARACA for a while but I’m a big fan and am all about consistency with the brands that I use and have at home. MARACA offers a range of candles, diffusers and body products, what do you feel is the connection between these three different types of products?

Chris Lim: The connection between the different types of MARACA products is fragrance.  Fragrance is the heart and the soul of my brand as I believe that fragrance whether it is in the form of a candle, or a body lotion instantly adds a little luxury to your day.


VMV: That makes a lot of sense. I like the idea of building layers of fragrance and while I thought of that with skincare I’d never really thought about extending those layers to the fragrances in my home. I think one of the most important aspects of being a consumer is about community. I see consumerism not simply as buying a product but also as becoming part of a community. When you buy MARACA products what sort of community are you becoming part of? Who is the MARACA customer? 

Chris Lim: Anyone that loves fragrance or wants to introduce fragrance into their everyday life. To me, fragrance enhances emotions, evokes memories and can transform any environment to feel luxurious. Fragrance has no barriers and MARACA is designed to offer a selection of affordable and luxuriously scented products to be enjoyed every day.

 VMV: But with the increasing number of luxury candles in the market, what sets MARACA apart? 

Chris Lim: Everything about MARACA feels like a luxurious high end brand but it is a more accessible.  MARACA is not driven by price; instead I have focus on delivering a premium brand that is affordable so that my customers can enjoyed the fragrances everyday instead of saving them for a special occasion!


VMV: Before I got in touch I looked around the MARACA website and noticed that collaboration and the art of collaboration seems to be concepts that MARACA embraces, what makes for a successful collaboration?

Chris Lim: Collaborations are great but before I could approach any other brands to collaborate with me I had to grow awareness for MARACA. Successful collaborations are all about choosing the right brand to partner with – each brand has to be able to offer the other brand something that they don’t already have established so that the collaboration assist with growth for both brands involved.  A great collaboration is also one that is memorable which can assist with repeat collaborations which is always a win win for each brand.

Having all these beautiful MARACA products around our home has really helped channel the energy and vibe we want going into the holidays and this new stage of our lives with a baby on the way. The MARACA product, philosophy and packaging make them the perfect presents for all those special people in your life. You can browse the entire MARACA collection here.

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