We are a zero car household, and a zero driver household. Much of the decision to remain so was out of lifestyle choice. We live in the city and everything we need and everywhere we need to go is either walking distance or easy enough to get to in a taxi. And to be honest much of our activities revolve around city living. Cafe dates. Visits to the art gallery and the museum. A leisurely walk around city gardens. Even a trip to the beach is doable being only a $20 taxi ride (or a comfortable forty minute walk, or ten minutes on the bus with the bus stop being across the road from us). Even Rafa’s arrival didn’t warrant a need to learn to drive. We worked him gently into all our trips, simply allowing for longer planning and travel time and we just got on with it.

What has significantly altered my lifestyle is my new circle of friends. They are a great group of women with amazing families. I’m doing so much more outdoor-sy things with them, and I don’t just mean alfresco dining (which lets be honest is my idea of an outdoor-sy activity). We’re going on bush walks and many picnics. And recently, a friend moved further away. It was her family’s move the spurred me into action. As I delved into the road code and completed the practice tests online (and subsequently passing the theory test), I couldn’t help thinking “there was absolutely nothing wrong with my lifestyle”. Not having a car saved us so much money, it kept us healthy and made us purposeful and intentional in what we did and how we spent our time. And here I am ‘giving in’ to an activity I really had no desire or interest in.

It’s a tough one. Every time I bring it up with Patrick he calmly says “just pass the test first babes, we’ll get to the rest later” (then I passed the test, so now it’s “just learn to drive first babes”. And he’s right. I was supposed to being lessons this week but sprained my neck. So there’s still the lessons, and two practical tests before driving really makes a huge impact in our lifestyle. Having said all of that, I am proud of myself for actually deciding to give it a go. A sure sign that some of my determined, steadfast (stubborn?) ways and views are easing.

What’s your driving, not-driving, drive but don’t have a car situation?
I think that last option might be a nice middle ground for us. 

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  • Nishu says:

    How lucky are you to be living in a compact city with every amenity around you. I wish Auckland had a Vetter public transport. My everyday travel to work is 70 km 🙁 eeek .. in saying that learning to drive (as Patrick says) is never a bad idea. You’ll feel so great!

  • Austyn says:

    I love this even more that it’s because of friends and your people… that kind of melted my heart a bit. You got this. And how cool to have a new adventure right now? Stoked to see where this adventure takes you.

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