Making large messes and loving memories 

Rafa, and children generally, view what we adults do as play. Working at the laptop, washing dishes, cooking food. They soak in these daily routines as the play of adults. And they want in. Once I realised that this is how Rafa was viewing our world, I invited him into my world of ‘play’ in more meaningful ways. Last Friday in the midst of a work Skype call, Rafa sat on my lap with a pen and my notebook scribbling away. He was taking notes. Increasingly Rafa and I prepare and cook meals together. It allows him to be an active participant in my world and in many instances reduces the curiosity of the things that mumma plays with.

Last weekend we decided to make some gingerbread men. Earlier in the week we were asked if we were interested in a little festive cookie pack featuring The Chia Co. chia seeds. I use chia already and couldn’t say yes quick enough. Since our visit to Tukuni and their gardens, we’ve been talking a lot about where food comes from with Rafa. In simple terms but this conversation allows us to get a variety of new words into what Rafa hears from us, which is always good.

The Chia Co. is the world’s largest producer of chia. Their chia is farmed sustainably in the Kimberely region of Western Australia. The company manages a fair value farming model that gives back to the chia farming communities so they can reinvest. Their supply chain is completely transparent, with the ability to trace all the chia seeds from the packet back to the paddock in which they were grown. I find that incredibly exciting and more importantly, necessary – for the consumer, the farmer and businesses. Consumers are demanding more information about where and how goods are made and produced and it is encouraging that companies, large and small, are paying attention and responding accordingly.

You can find the Chia Gingerbread Men recipe here and more information on The Chia Co. and their products on their website. The recipe section is worth a decent look. Next in mumma and Rafa’s cooking adventures are the chickpea and chia falafels, vegan sausage rolls, and the chia mocha for mumma.

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