There are so many ways that the holidays can get ‘excessive’. Some people blow their budgets, go crazy with material items and for some it’s food and drink. Our holiday season was excessive in that we had so many people around us. It was quite a new experience for me as an individual (Patrick’s quite used to it) but also for us as a couple. It ended up being a beautiful experience, one I won’t forget any time soon. It meant a great deal to me to be able to spoil our family in our home. I must say there we indulged in a lot more food and treats than we normally would and the late nights spent talking, planning and sharing hopes and dreams were a constant feature.

Once everyone left the excess of the holidays caught up with us. We needed some down time. So for the month of January we wanted to counter some of the excess of the holidays.

Staying In. We decided to stay in and enjoy our home, just the two of us. This is the first time we’ve been able to do this. When we moved here we were a family of three, we had Miss 11 with us. Now that she’s safely back with her parents, it’s just Patrick and I. We wanted to use this time to enjoy the rhythms of only having two people in our home. Sure it’s going to change soon but for the moment we just wanted time to enjoy our space and each other’s company. One of the perks of city living are all the amenities available to us, we’re always out but it’s nice to remember that there is so much to enjoy in. 


Eating In. A big part of staying in has also been not eating out, and not going on our three or four times a week cafe dates. We’ve been cooking together, making meals to freeze for when baby comes, and just watching what we’re eating as things did get a little crazy over the holidays. My sister is a very bad influence on my husband when it comes to sweet treats! Staying in and eating in is also a good idea if you’re trying to recover after the expenses of the holiday season.

Books. We’re burying our heads in books a lot more as well. It’s doing wonders for my book a week goal that you might recall from this post. We’d stocked up on some reading material from our favourite second hand book stores and are steadily making our way through them.


Movies. Patrick loves movies, much, much more than he likes reading. And going to the cinemas is one of his favourite things to do. Being quite heavily pregnant going to the movies is a little – with the needing to go to the loo all the time and all. But I’ve never really been a big movie-goer. I tend to fall off to sleep. Instead this past week we’ve watched movies at home, complete with popcorn (popped in coconut oil) and a can of coke as a treat if the mood strikes.

Lists and Writing. It might be a slow start to the year in terms of doing but I feel like we’re setting the ground work for what needs to be done. There’s a lot of writing and list making for all sorts of things. Home projects. Baby things. Items to be packed in my hospital bag. We’re enjoying putting our thoughts and notes onto paper and working through them intentionally.

We’ve only been doing this for less than two weeks and already we feel such a big difference. We’re more centred. We’re getting back into a routine of work and life. Deciding to counter the excess in this way has helped us get into a better frame of mind for what lies ahead, and there certainly is a lot ahead of us!

Do you think about ‘countering the excess’?
How would you/do you go about doing it? 

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