What does bedtime look like in your home? It took us a while to develop a bedtime routine that worked for everyone, especially since Miss 10 came to stay. We finally found a rhythm, a routine that sort of just developed but has worked for us. Evenings are now full of laughter, peace and joy.

Patrick’s reading The Biggest Estate on Earth, Miss 10’s reading Myths and Legends of Fiji and Rotuma and I’m reading The Narrow Road to the Deep North 

After dinner and maybe a spot of television, you’ll probably find the three of us buried in books. Sometimes Miss 10 will get into bed and read with us or she’ll read in her room. This is a beautiful winding down activity following preparing, cooking and having dinner together earlier in the evening. Miss 10 goes to her room at around 8pm, and has an hour to herself before bedtime at 9pm.

Patrick and I usually talk about work, parenting, things we’ve learnt and then spend time reflecting on our relationship. We’ll write our ‘day’ – we each write a sentence that’s reflective of our marriage/relationship that day (something we’ve been doing since the day we got married). One of us will pick up the hand cream to share, this one by Aesop is our current favourite. I take it a little further and use that cream on my feet too, and add a little more to my night time skincare regime. I always use the butter London cuticle oil and rotate between the Napoleon Perdis radiance boosting mask and the Rosehip Night Creme. Once I’m done and the lights are out, there a few things we always say to each other in lieu of goodnight. I don’t think we realised it was a routine or that these things formed the basis of an otherwise fluid routine in our home.

The perfect bedtime routine for us is one that naturally allows our bodies to wind down and to leave each other on a light and happy note. Miss 10 hates going to bed while we stay up because she feels like she’s missing out. Developing a routine that included her and left her with some security and comfort was essential in a routine that was going to work. A meaningful bedtime routine, in my opinion, also sets aside some time for you to take care and pamper yourself (even if only in a small way). I try not to create lists before bed because then I get excited about getting things done, I try to get my tasks for the next day sorted out before Patrick gets home from work and before we settle in to spending the evening as a family. I definitely think the most meaningful bedtime routines are ones where everyone gets a little bit of a say and one that considers the needs of everyone in the family.

How have you managed to develop meaningful bedtime routines in your home? 
What are some of your favourite bedtime routines?

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  • Rita says:

    I don't think we realize how important such routines are. Especially if you divide your home with others, I think it's also important to actually be mindful about creating such routines, together. I also agree with your point of not making lists before bed. I like to make a note of the day but I found that if I try to think of next day's tasks, I can't get to sleep. Especially since I started working a 9-5 job, I found that leaving such thoughts to the morning when I get to the office works best.

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