One of the most challenging steps about creating a wardrobe you love is having to the courage to be honest about the wardrobe you currently have. It’s something that can be difficult because what’s currently hanging in our wardrobes has cost us money (regardless of how much), time and energy (in shopping, trying things on, the mental energy of deciding and so on). After everything we’ve ‘invested’ (monetary and otherwise) in the wardrobe we have, it takes a lot of courage to say ‘not all of this works for me’.

Does your wardrobe work for you? You might consider this in terms of where you live, how you live, the work you do, your hobbies, your body shape – whatever variable(s) you consider think about if your current wardrobe actually works for you. You might want to think about your wardrobe in compartments: shoes, bags, clothes (or specific categories of clothes). I believe that identifying what doesn’t work, as difficult as it can be, is a great way to begin your journey of creating a wardrobe that truly works for you.

I’ve never felt what my entire wardrobe hasn’t work for me, it’s always been bits and pieces and these limitations or challenges have almost always been because of my constant changing lifestyle. I don’t fit into many traditional categories and I like clothes that don’t drive the conversation. The outfit pictured here is the exact one I wore when I met HRH Princess Anne last year. I find myself in situations that are so extraordinary that I would not have been able to imagine them at all! On that day I attended conference sessions, formal and informal meetings (with HRH and others), meeting heads of state, touching base with local communities, a walk on the beach to clear my head (yes, I wore a leather skirt to the beach), cocktails, a formal dinner and a night out. While this look wouldn’t fit what most people would consider ‘appropriate attire’ it was comfortable, on point, made me feel confident and with a cardigan (for the cold and to cover bare shoulders) ended up being appropriate. In the past I would have rushed out to buy an outfit for this ‘event’ but it’s not an event, it’s my life. It’s a mixture of the magic and mundane in my everyday life, every day.

details: witchery cami similar here | leina broughton skirt | manolo blahnik heels or similar here | cuyana tote 
I have made it more of a point to shop with brands and designers whose clothes transcend age and occupation and one that I feel does so with each collection is Leina Broughton, whose black skirt I’m wearing in these photos. I love that Leina Broughton isn’t just for the working woman, her clothes fit whatever it is that I’m doing for the day and they make me feel confident. I haven’t actually met Leina in person, but I’ve been to her store, played in her clothes, lived in her clothes and ultimately recommend her clothes! (This isn’t a sponsored post by the way). Leina’s clothes transcends categories. They cater for women, in whatever role they find themselves in and it’s this philosophy that guides my wardrobe purchases. Clothes that fit whatever role and activity I find myself in and I want to wear the clothes in my wardrobe unapologetically.

If 2015 is about re-looking at your wardrobe, may I suggest beginning with some honesty about if your current wardrobe works for you. And a little reminder that it’s always going to be a work in progress, because you’re constantly changing and growing ( and thank goodness for that!)

Does your wardrobe work for you? 
(I’ll play along and answer in the comments section too)

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  • Kristian says:

    Good outfit and good advice. Plus, I love why you work with the brands you do.

  • Yes, finally! It was hard work trying on the all the clothes and see if it works on your body, the colors. I stuck to black everything then the moment when I feel more confident thanks too my younger sister who gently assured me with the other colors. I still do wear black but love other colors as well. I'm short so it's difficult to find the right length of shirts and skirts. Living in Bangkok is not easy when all they have is size xxxxxxxzero. But I feel more confident and chic with my wardrobe now.

  • I feel like my wardrobe does work for me for the most part except I'm always getting bored with my outfits! I think I need to learn to mix it up a bit more and play around more with accessories.

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