I’ve been getting a lot done during this third trimester of my pregnancy. Earlier on I fit in trips to the dentist, the optometrist (swapped my contact lenses out for new glasses), and a few trips to the hairdresser. I’ve scheduled another appointment with the hairdresser a few weeks before baby is due (fingers crossed I make it!). At everyone’s urging I’ve started doing less around the house – though I’m not sure that’s true, I think I just don’t do as much as I used to in short periods of time. I’ve slotted in more breaks and gentle walks and rest in-between cooking, cleaning, and of course my work. I’ve also started a little a home pampering. I take long, leisurely warm baths a few times a week. I painted my toe nails over the weekend – yes, I can still do them myself but might treat myself to a pedicure before baby comes along. This week (as we near the end of summer, how did that happen?!) I turned my attention to my skin, particularly, its lack of colour!

I don’t ever use self tanners but now that I live somewhere that doesn’t get very hot, or sunny, I’ve paled. My husband and sister are now darker than I am and that’s very unusual for me. I did some research and found myself completely natural and organic tanning products. I decided on the Eco Tan range as I already use their coconut deodorant,  pink Himalayan salt scrub, foaming body wash and coconut body milk.


I prepped my skin by exfoliating a few days prior to tanning, I also took care of any hair removal situations. I gave my skin a few days before applying the Eco Tan Winter Skin, just in the event of broken skin and so on. Being pregnant I did a path test (which you should do even if you’re not pregnant) and of course check with your doctor or midwife if you have any concerns.  The Eco Tan Winter Skin is actually a moisturiser that dries instantly and builds a tan after a few applications. You can intensify your tan with each application. It’s perfect if you’re nervous about using tanning products. All the ingredients are organic or natural, with no hidden nasties and no synthetic ingredients – this gave me the confidence to use the product while pregnant.

The product is easy to apply – you’re basically just moisturising. As you apply the product, it turns white in colour which acts as a guide and lets you know where you’ve already applied Winter Skin. The product continues to develop for up to 8 hours. You can go to sleep in it, it won’t stain your sheets or clothes as it doesn’t contain bronzer or any artificial or synthetic colours. I’m thrilled with how easy application was and the results are wonderful in that you’re able to develop your perfect tan gradually and safely without going from pale or orange in a few hours! I found all these Eco Tan products at Natural Things.

Tanning might seem a little nonsensical and vain to some people given how heavily pregnant I am but it makes me feel happy having a little bit of colour and I’ll be honest the thought of having a beautiful glow in Autumn when my baby arrives gives me a little confidence! A glow, a pedicure, my hair trimmed – all little details that perhaps I won’t notice on the day but in the lead up to the birth bring me joy and I’m sure when looking back at photos of the event I’ll be thankful that I spent these weeks doing all of these things.

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