Spring has always been one of those seasons that has always passed me by. Autumn is memorable for me because it’s my favourite season, more so now because Rafa was born in Autumn. Winter I’ve come to love for its layers and romantic feel. And summer is a breath of fresh air. Spring is particularly uneventful for me. Spring cleaning doesn’t ring any bells because I’m constantly cleaning and culling and reducing. But for some reason this Spring has brought about a great lightness. The weather has been decent. I’m noticing life and growth everywhere – and not just my little boy. Just last week Rafa and I saw a birds nest in a low tree branch and we found lots of beautiful trees on our walks. So while nature is replenishing and regenerating itself I’ve embraced Spring and decided to do the same.

A few subtle changes in these parts:

A new household fragrance I’ve talked about how to choose a fragrance for your home and shared how I switch mine up with the changing seasons. For Spring I’ve chosen the new MARACA Sevillian Neroli fragrance. The fragrance is citrus based (with top notes that include plum, bitter orange, apple, neroli and lemon) and perfect for the transitory nature that is characteristic of Spring.

A new skincare addition A few products have been swapped out of my skincare routine to make room for new ones. In particular I’ve had to step up my eye-skin-care game because sadly it was an area I had neglected (you know because I have a baby and delicately dabbing on eye cream was the last thing on my mind!). I’ll have to do a proper post once I see how I go with the new eye products I’ve been using. But here’s a post on seasonal skincare you might enjoy.

A new calendar, of sorts With all this organising and refreshing, I bought a birthday calendar. Now I’m not one of those people who keeps everyone’s birthdays noted. Actually I have Patrick’s written down because I can never remember if it’s the 23rd or 24th. It’s the 23rd. 24th.  This is why I have it written down. Or rather this is why we needed a birthday calendar! I bought this beautiful birthday calendar from Trade Aid. Mind you I haven’t filled it in yet but I definitely plan to before next spring  Summer.

Life for most of this new season has been about adjusting to Rafa’s new rhythms, which has included being a little more wakeful then normal at night. I’ve welcomed Spring with a full heart, a lightness of thought and a thoroughly exhausted body but just like the seasons, this too shall pass. So off I go to delicately dab on some eye cream, light my citrus candle and watch the flame cast shadows on my wall and wonder if his birthday is on the 23rd or 24th….

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