What inspires you, or motivates you? Sometimes in life we can feel a bit stuck in the doldrums, quietly waiting for the next exciting thing to happen, yet not really feeling like we have the enthusiasm to find it ourselves…

 Most of us find that it only takes one conversation with a friend, or something that we see on the TV to make us sit up and think about the potential. While exciting events such as house moves, a new job or business can be life changing, they also take a lot of organisation! It is also the smaller things that help us to feel inspired. Getting a new hairstyle, changing your wardrobe, buying a new perfume or starting a blog can all be things that give us the ‘get up and go’.


Happiness is excitement that has found a” (CC BY 2.0) by  thephotographymuse 

Social media plays a big part in our daily lives, seeing what’s going on in other people’s life can sometimes remind us of what we would like to happen in our life. Connecting with others, sharing your news and interacting with the masses can be somewhat confidence boosting, and it shouldn’t feel like a duty or a mission.

Tell the world!

Most of us have a natural talent. Whether it’s that we enjoy cooking, painting, gardening, playing sport or playing an instrument or reading good books, there is often something that holds our interest. If you feel like you’ve lost your mojo, pick yourself up and find it! Tell your friends and family, post it on social media – and you will find people give you the motivation and encouragement to really go for it. We all love to cheer on our friends, raise their spirits and give them the reassurance that they can be successful in whatever they choose to do.

In fact, interacting with friends and family is a really important part of life. Some people find that there are times when they just want to shut themselves away and withdraw from daily communication. Although this may be a good thing to do initially to ‘find yourself’ or to extract yourself from those who may be draining your energy, interaction is a key part of inspiration and we should never withdraw for too long. Connecting with others gives us energetic strength, it enables us to experience both giving and taking, and believe it or not, much of what inspires us – comes from other people.

Experience a deeper connection…

Some believe that we meet people for a reason. Have you ever heard the term ‘a soul connection’? A soul connection supposedly comes from a binding promise that two souls make, an agreement if you like that serves a purpose for both people. If you have met a friend that has become a very important person to you, and that friend has helped you through difficult times, or given you some of the best advice – it is possible that they are a soul connection. Much like the perfect partner is called a ‘soulmate’, and is not only there to teach us real love, but also contradictory lessons such as our ultimate boundaries, self-respect and self-esteem.

Inspire your friends! 

If you have a friend who needs inspiring, be sure to tell them how amazing they are, remind them what they are good at and reassure them how important they are to others. Sometimes we all need a confidence boost, and often what you give out to others is sure to be returned one day when you too need some encouragement and nurturing.

Written by Clara Kipling | Clara is a lifestyle and beauty blogger from the UK. She recently spent a few months in Australia (Sydney) and has now moved to California with her partner, where she is hoping to broaden her horizons even more! Travel and writing are her two biggest passions.

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