I’ve been infatuated with the maxi dress for years now. I’ve had two in my closet over a five year period but none really making the cut until this one. Why is finding the perfect maxi dress so difficult? I think it has a lot to do with the cut of the maxi dress. Since finding this Leina Broughton sidewalk dress I think I’ve figured out the two main characteristics you should consider when shopping for a maxi.

The cut: we all know that maxi dresses are long and flow-y, but I think what makes the perfect maxi stand out is paying attention to the cut. My past maxi dresses have been cinched just under the bust and this resulted in the most unflattering shape for my body type. Think about where the dress is cinched, the point at which it begins to flare, where the flare is at its widest and where the contrast begins and ends. All these affect how the dress will accentuate or detract from your body.
The fabric: where possible I’ve started opting for more natural and quality fabric. These are aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and easy to wear. The fabric of your maxi dress also determines the way the dress with drape or fall on your body. This maxi is made of linen with the contrast in leatherette. Also, if you think linen is high maintenance and fussy, a little tip I’ve learnt has been to iron linen when it’s wet – works wonders!
This is now the only maxi I own and these photos were taken the first time I wore it. It’s so comfortable and chic. I loved the attention it got. I usually shy away from dresses as I struggle to get creative with styling them differently. This maxi is part of my capsule collection for February and I cannot wait to show you how I style it!

What do you look for in a maxi dress?
I’d love your maxi dress styling tips if you’d like to share! 

This maxi is also still available and on sale at Leina Broughton in black and the most amazing cobblestone colour. I hope this post has given you a little insight into what to look for next time you go shopping for a maxi dress.

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