Rafa’s wearing the Mamoo and Lou Shadow Jumpsuit 

I have always enjoyed writing my A Day In The Life posts, but I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to do one for Rafa! I did a few time logs for him a few months ago and I was going to share that but life happened and they became too old. So here’s a day in the life of Rafa Mishra-Vakaoti at 19 weeks.


6.50am Rafa awake and talking to himself in his cot 

7.10am He gets grizzly, I turn on the lamp, this keeps Rafa happy for another 15 minutes 

7.30am Feed and cuddles in bed 

7.50am Rafa in bouncer in the bathroom while dad gets ready for work 

8.15am Rafa and Dad join mum in the lounge for a little picnic breakfast and some floor/play time 

8.40am Nappy change, swaddle and nap time for Rafa 

8.55am Rafa asleep 

9.35am Rafa awake and talking in his cot 

9.45am Feed and cuddles

10am  Story time (Cat in the Hat), got Rafa dressed, floor time, played with bubbles, rode in the pram inside the house (we’re trying to get him to love it again!)

10.45am Floor and tummy time 

11am Rafa is a bit cranky, so even though we aim for 2 hours awake time I listen to him. Nappy change and cuddles

11.13am Swaddle. Ready for nap 

11.22am Rafa asleep 

12pm Rafa awake and happily talking and laughing in his cot  

12.10pm Feed 

12.33pm Floor time – back and tummy time 

1.05pm Rafa tired of floor time! Cuddles and we play on the bed. Story time.

1.20pm Music and dancing (We love the Putumayo CDs)

1.50pm Cuddles. Swaddle. Rafa hanging out in cot waiting for nap time 

2pm Nap time. I go in to help Rafa fall asleep 

2.03pm Rafa asleep 

2.41pm Rafa awake happily looking around in his cot

3pm Feed 

3.15pm Nappy change and put Rafa into the baby wrap 

3.25pm Off we go – Chilli hot chocolate run, then enjoy the swings at the playground, a quick stop at the green grocer, pop home to leave the produce, head to the gardens for some quality mummy-Rafa time

4.40pm We get home. Rafa has a kick around 

4.50pm Feed. I give Rafa a scalp massage at the same time

5.20pm Chilling out on the floor with toys. Needs a nappy change, so I give him a massage too, and then some nude time on the floor

5.45pm Bath and bedtime routine with mummy and daddy

6pm Daddy puts Rafa down 

6.10pm Rafa asleep

10.55pm Rafa wakes up for a feed

11.11pm Daddy puts Rafa into the cot and helps him to fall asleep 

11.15pm Rafa asleep 

3am (Tuesday 16th August) Rafa wakes up for a feed 

3.15am Nappy change 

3.18am A comfort feed to help ease Rafa back to sleep 

3.25am Cuddles, swaddle and daddy helps Rafa go back to sleep 

3.45am Rafa asleep 

7am Rafa wakes up, talking in his cot…

I also really wanted to share this post because as a new mum I was always curious about what other babies and their parents got up to during the day. Not for comparisons sake but more “what do you do with these little humans all day?!” There really wasn’t much available so I thought I’d share what Rafa and I get up to at this stage of his development.  

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