Getting inked a couple of weeks ago wasn’t something that I had planned to do. I’ve always thought about getting one, maybe even wanted one. I’ve imagined beautiful symbols and words on various parts of my body. I’m not sure what held me back. Perhaps it was the thought of the pain, though I am a lot stronger than I look. If I’m being honest, I’d tell you that it was the thought of what people would think. The stereotypes associated with people who have tattoos. Not always pleasant, often unfounded and untrue. I was worried about how people would look at me. How they’d ‘see’ me. I saw how people judged my husband with his dreadlocks (yes! Patrick had dreadlocks and has tattoos). The thing is, I’m not as carefree as he is (though, that’s probably another post altogether), I don’t think I could shrug of what people say as easily as he does.

A few days before my trip to New Zealand I made the decision that I would get it done. I don’t know what changed. I thought of symbols and images that I could possibly get. I knew the more I searched for ‘the’ image, the harder it would get and the more I would put off getting the tattoo.

I got to Dunedin and told Patrick, we went to a tattoo parlour the next day and made an appointment. It really was as simple as that. I could have had it done the same day but I suggested we schedule an appointment for a couple of days later. I figured that if I even considered cancelling the appointment, I probably shouldn’t go ahead with it.

Obviously, I didn’t question my decision!

My tattoo was designed and done by Chris from Crazy Horse Tattoos in Dunedin. I told Chris it was my first tattoo and I like that he didn’t make a big deal out of it and at the same time didn’t discount that I was a tattoo virgin either. He was very professional and so very caring. Frank but friendly.

I got the phrase “And this too shall pass”, it’s part of a quote that I first came across at the Lotus Temple in India. I wrote the whole quote out in my travel journal but, I’m sure it was “when you feel a strong emotion coming on – a response to pain or pleasure, success or failure, extreme stress or thorough relief – say to yourself, this, too, will pass”. It’s something that’s stayed with me and helped me deal with a lot of things. It seemed like the obvious choice. The only choice, really.

The tattooing took about thirty minutes. It was painful but not unbearable. It was a little tender that night, but this was me (below) the very next morning! I can’t wait for summer – to wear little tops and bathing suits and show my tattoo off!

And here’s a little more entertainment for you, a video capturing the experience!

Have you got a tattoo? What? Where? 
I’ve shown you mine, show me yours!
Would you consider getting one? Why? Why not? 
I’m curious! 

50 comments on “Getting Inked: My Tattoo”

  • Louise says:

    OMG I love it!!!! The video is so good, you are so tough!! I don't have one but might get one someday. i really love the quote!! xx

  • Its awesome! It was great hearing your voice and seeing your reaction in the video. You handled it well. I have a butterfly on my tummy, had it done when I was 19. (I am obsessed with them. To me my tattoo symbolizes growth,change and my transition into adult life.

    I hated the sound the machine made when they did mine and I felt a bit faint after. I don't handle pain well 😉

    I want another one but I still need to build up the courage to go again. xoxo

  • tiarenie says:

    wow, you are brave, woman! i feel like that part of the arm would really hurt! it looks great, the phrase, the font, everything!

    ps – my email address is 🙂

  • ~Orianne~ says:

    I don't have a tattoo, but I want a lil' red star on my neck – I like your video, and you was very tough!



  • Sam says:

    Wow Vanisha, so brave and brazen that you got a tattoo. I think that people can't be judged by the decision of getting one, its a personal choice and people do it for different reasons, its an art form and an expression. I love the phrase you chose! its perfect and it will be something you can look at always and know things will get better.

  • Lovely Light says:

    No tattoos for me. I just know that my perfectionist ways would forever be annoyed at slight variations. Also, my tastes change often…I'm sure I'd hate it in a few years. My hubby has the entire circular Aztec Calendar on 3/4 on his back and Quetzalcoatl, the Aztec God of War, on his shoulder/bicep. I get to look at them every day, and that's enough for me.

  • The tattoo looks great. It's a great quote. I've thought about getting a tattoo but never could decide on what I would get if I did. Until I figure out something that I'd really like, I don't think it's worth doing. I'm glad you have something so meaningful that you were able to tattoo.

  • Nicole says:

    i LOVE it! I'm a huge huge ink fan.

  • Helen Gash says:

    You look terrified in the first photo hehe. I love tattoos and I'd love to get one, but my pain threshold in minimal. I want the theatre faces on my shoulder and a baby star near my little toe. Yes, I've thought about this A LOT!

  • beautiful! i know what you mean about people drawing different conclusions based on things such as that. regardless of all that, i think it looks wonderful, and i seriously just can't handle how cool you are!

  • Bola says:

    Wow! I have always wanted a tattoo and like you have put it off for ever! I will eventually get one when I know what I want. I like it and good for you!

  • OPI Addict says:

    I really love the script you used 🙂
    I probably wouldn't get one, there's just nothing I like enough to have on me forever!

  • B says:

    Good for your for following through with what you wanted. I don't have any tattoos and I probably won't ever get one. However, my brother has several and I have nothing against them. I think as long as you choose something meaningful it is a beautiful thing. I am very happy for you!

  • Katrin says:

    I love the quote and the tattoo looks great on you! I thought about getting one before but never did it. Not sure if I ever will! Glad you made the decision to get yours done!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  • Julye says:

    Looks very cool 😉

  • I don't have one, but crazy girl for showing us your big girl face! Dang! I would have been crying, haha!

  • You're the cutest! I lve the spot where you got it! I've been trying to decide on my next tattoo, I have 4, and where it will be. Maybe something there. Well done and congratulations.

  • wow. that tatoo is amazing!!
    i love that quote and i got it graved on my ipod since i still can't get a tatoo…

    i have always loved tattoos but i still haven't found the courage of getting one.. 🙂

    i love the font used for it! 🙂 it's really an amazing tatoo! 🙂


  • Catherine says:

    well done for going for it. it looks fantastic 🙂

  • Tyne Swedish says:

    YAY Tattoos!!! I have a pink rose on my forearm in respect of my Mama (my grandmother…my mother's mother). She was my sun! Anyway before I start crying it was also done in that spot to cover a HORRIBLE scar! I cannot wait to get my lily (like from a lily pad) on my upper arm on the inside and my tiger lily blooming over my right shoulder. I also want a lotus on the center of my back in-between my shoulder blades. Those are just a few of the tattoos I want. I love this post V!


  • Milex says:

    Can't stop looking at you

  • jamie-lee says:

    Oh my goodness, never would've expected you to get a tattoo, but it just suits you perfectly!

    I've thought on and off about getting one but I don't know that there's anything I would want for the rest of my life.. or I haven't found it yet. Good on you for going through with it x

  • Stephanie says:

    I've always thought of getting a tattoo since i was a kid but i've never gotten round to it. That, and getting my ears pierced again as i'm not 100% fond of the current location of my piercing

    I've only thought of having 2 phrases tattooed and you've already done one of them 🙂 The second one i've always thought of having done in the middle of my back running down my spine. It says: I am my beloved and my beloved is mine. It is part of a long verse from the bible but i don't think i'd be able to bear the pain of having the entire sentence done 🙂

    I haven't done it because my Mum might die of shock, i am also worried about being stereotyped because of it and i don't now if i'll regret it when i'm done. I need to be more carefree like Patrick 🙂

    xo Stephanie

  • Awesome. Love it. I have a tattoo on my arm as well. I got it just before we left for Australia and it means the world to me.

  • chiara says:

    I have three: a butterfly on my shoulder, a koi fish on my ankle, and a tribal dragon on my foot. I got all of them during my time in the US, when I was in Buffalo, 8 years ago, at a very delicate time in my life. I still love them – looking at them I think of how far I have come since I did them

  • Marsa says:

    looks so painful! you are one brave girl

  • Elle Sees says:

    i have one! an initial on my inner wrist. i got it when i was 30 i think. most of my family has them, and i was never into them, but did it after a breakup. i still like it!

  • Sara Louise says:

    I think it looks absolutely beautiful!
    I have my name written in Gaelic across my foot. I love it and have never regretted it 🙂

  • Mica says:

    Lovely quote, it's nice that it means something to you 🙂

    Looks much too painful for me to consider getting one though, and I hate needles!

  • Inga says:

    I love it and the fact that it has a meaning for you. And it´s a good quote that is always appropriate no matter what age. I wasn´t that clever 15 years ago when I got mine. But it´s on my lower back so I never see it. Thank god.

  • giaghani says:

    Congratulations on your new tattoo! I always like when people get some kind of saying or quote the best. 🙂

  • Ann says:

    Love that phrase…
    perfect for a first tattoo.

  • Your tatoo is as awesome as you Vanisha…there is so much in-depth meaning in that phrase-tatoo of urs! I Totally loved it

  • Cee says:

    I always love reading tattoo stories, especially from people who got their tattoos later in life – tattoos done at eighteen tend (although this isn't true of all of them) to have less meaning than those that have been pondered for a long time and been held up by questions of social perception, fear of needles, etc. I have one tattoo that, like you, I got a little later than most. I had never really wanted one; I'm not that comfortable with committing to something in such a permanent way, unless it's my husband 😉 But two Christmases ago, my best friend and I had just finished going through two of the toughest years of our lives. He had come out of the closet to his extremely religious family, I had uprooted my life to follow a dream that turned out to be less than what I hoped for… and we survived. That Christmas also marked twenty years of friendship for us. So we decided to celebrate by doing something really meaningful and got matching tattoos; mine is on the back of my neck, his on his ankle. All they say is Love, with a purple heart in place of the 'o', but the word comes from a phrase we often said to each other when we were going through difficult times – "All you add is L-O-V-E."

  • So brave, I admire you for going for it. that is such a great quote to keep one company always.

  • Nice tatoo and I loved the video – it was so nice to hear your voice, in a non creepy way 🙂 I don't think I would, just like some people love tattoos and see them as art – I love clean smooth skin, and see it as a natural canvas. I hope that makes sense – but I love looking at others tattoos. If I had to get one, it would probably be a tiny heart on the outside of my big toe 🙂 Or a quote…

  • I just LOVE your tattoo! You picked the perfect quote! I love the idea of tattoos and have two small ones myself. And I do plan on getting at least one more but I haven't figured out what it should be. Loved the video too!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  • Sascha says:

    Your tattoo looks great! I had my first tattoo this summer – three stars on my shoulder to represent me and my two sisters, all three of us live in different countries – and I can't wait to get the next one!

  • You are a brave woman. And I adore the final product.

    I often wonder what would be the right tattoo for me…

  • No wonder it hurt being on the inside of your arm on that tender flesh! I don't have a choice..but one of my sons has a tatoo of our family's really well done. I may show it one day as my elder son took a photo of it just today!

  • Tom says:

    Hey Vanisha,nice ink, I love tattoos, but my personality is a bit OCD, so I'm just nervous once I started I would not stop and try to think rationally of how it will look in 20 years:-S, still weighing everything up.

  • Lindsay K says:

    You are so brave. Thank you for sharing. I like that your tattoo has a special meaning for you. The script is very well done and that's coming from a girl who isn't at all into tattoos:)

    It's no surprise that tattoos aren't for me. I couldn't handle the pain and just the thought of a needle is enough to make me faint. I'm also just so OCD when it comes to my skin. Then there's the whole question of work- they're frowned upon in both my and the gentleman's careers and even more so in the circle of benefits we attend.

  • I have a few. OK, well more than a few. I did not get my first until my 30s, and each have great meaning to me. I normally draw mine up and live with the drawing on hand for weeks, even months before actually getting the work done.I will get more, just waiting until I stop breast feeding.
    Would love to hear the rest of the quote from your tattoo.

  • Brave lady…I've always wanted to get one but I'm chicken! Love that quote!!

  • Maddy M O says:

    I love the quote! One of my former colleagues actually wrote that on a post-it (with a loveheart) and a KitKat for me one crazy day at work 🙂 My husband and I actually have matching ones on our inner left wrist – in 'Alibata' (most ancient form of Filipino script) that say "FIRE" and "WATER" (Fire as I am a Fire sign, Sagittarius and Water as the hubby is a Water sign Pisces)

  • Rachi says:

    It's a beautiful quote and it looks great on your arm. That script is also beautiful and delicate, suits you!

    I have just a small tat (size of a 50 cent coin) that I got done on a whim when I was 20. 10 years later no regrets, if anything I like it more now than when I first got it done! It's something I came up with; a stylised heart with a diamond inside it- to mean "precious heart". It's on my lower tummy, not many people get to see it and those who do are always surprised (in a complimentary way) that I have a tat!

    Don't worry about stereotypes; those who judge aren't worthy of your thoughts!

  • Mimi Finerty says:

    it looks great! love the style of the writing. i still havent plucked up the courage to get inked but I so want to!

  • I love this font and the words too. I'm a cleanskin! It's something i have thought about over the years but never put into action…

    rachel xo

  • Love it! I also think you got it on a great place!

  • You are so cool!

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