Postpartum hair loss has been no joke for me let me tell you! As someone with fine, mousy (ie awful) hair I enjoyed every moment of my luscious locks while I was pregnant. Now, with the postpartum plummeting of Estrogen levels I’ve been left with more hair loss than I really care for. I’m not too fussed with how my hair looks, but I am concerned about the health of my hair. And not just because of the postpartum hair loss but generally. I now see caring for my hair in a series of three stages.

A flattering hairstyle Though for the record I’m not entirely sure how flattering my current hairstyle is on me. I’ve given up growing my hair past my shoulders, the longer length does nothing for my fine hair. I recently had my hair cut very short because I was finding it everywhere. The shorter length has definitely helped with the hair loss and is helping make my hair look fuller. If you’re experiencing postpartum hair loss, a chat with your hair dresser might be a good first step. If nothing else you can enjoy some pampering at the salon sans baby.

A healthy diet Since reading Dr Libby Weaver’s book Beauty From The Inside Out I’ve been looking very closely at what I’m eating and how much of it I’m eating. Now that I’m struggling with a bit of hair loss I’ve turned to foods that are rich in Omega-3 (fatty acids that our bodies are unable to make themselves) and Biotin. Looking up the vitamins and minerals that are important for healthy hair will help you identify what you might be lacking. It was definitely Omega-3 and Biotin for me. I’ve since started including more avocado, pumpkin seeds and eggs in my diet to help things along.

Quality hair care products I’m a firm believer of paying just as much attention to what we put on our bodies as we do to what we put in our bodies. I was one to change hair care products every few months working on the assumption that your hair would get used to the product and thus stop ‘responding’ to it. Over a year and a half ago I started using the Savar hair products and I haven’t switched, a real indication of the results I’ve had with these products. The Savar Ultra Cleansing Shampoo is deeply nourishing – unlike other shampoos this one doesn’t leave my hair dry and tangled, or feeling rough and in need of a huge handful of conditioner! The product itself is luxurious to touch. Its consistency is closer to a luxury hand wash, in stark comparison to the watery, soapy alternatives I’ve tired.

In the past I’ve mentioned that the Savar Ultra Nourishing Conditioner is the best conditioner I’ve ever used (natural or otherwise) and this still holds true. This conditioner is simply moisturiser for your hair. A rich, creamy product that protects your hair. The shampoo and conditioner are made using New Zealand cucumber, ginger, Manuka honey and New Zealand avocado. Many of the properties of these natural ingredients mean you also don’t need additional products for de-tangling or if you suffer from dandruff.

I would often be tempted to whip up a hair mask full of natural produce, but the natural and botanical properties of the Savar products makes this unnecessary. The time I would spend making and using a hair mask I can now devote to fun activities like playing with my son or enjoying some alone time. I love it when you can invest in products that are results driven and also free up your mind and time to enjoy the truly special moments in life.

My hair loss hasn’t stopped completely and a lot of this is due to the pregnancy and hormonal balance but my hair health has improved considerably and I have a feeling my hair and I are on our way towards to more amicable relationship.

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