Long before I found out I was pregnant I’d been slowly cutting chemicals and a multitude of products out of my skincare, haircare and beauty routines. The onset of pregnancy was a game changer. I actually threw out chemical based products that I had been just been finishing up because I don’t like to waste things. My beauty products whittled down to almost nothing. I started using these all products at roughly the same time and I saw my skin improve dramatically within a short period of time. I was absolutely pleased with the results and haven’t changed any of these products for about a month and a bit now. While I discovered these during my pregnancy they would be great products to consider adding to your own skincare routine, based on your individual skincare needs of course.


Here I’m only including products I use everyday.

In the shower: Trilogy Botanical Body Wash This body wash contains aroma-therapeutic oils and non-drying cleansers. It feels gentle on your skin even after you’ve dried yourself. I’ll just add that while it’s gentle it feels nourishing enough on my skin after my quite hot showers. I’ve never been one for lukewarm water and while I realise hot showers aren’t great for your skin I make sure the bath products I use help retain moisture and the Botanical Body Wash does just that. It’s also a unisex shower gel which means we can keep less product in the shower. There’s a great spicy scent owing to the inclusion of kawa kawa from the leaves of the native New Zealand pepper tree that leaves your skin refreshed and stimulated.


On my face

Trilogy Very Gentle Calming Serum I cannot recommend this highly enough. If there was only one product I could use on my face for the rest of my life,  I think it would be this. It helped ease my eczema which for the first time ever appeared on my forehead. I use this product every day, often without a moisturiser – though you can wear a moisturiser over it. Trilogy have labelled it a rescue, SOS product and it is but I’ve taken to it everyday. More so if I’ve noticed redness and irritation. It’s soothing and hydrating, perfect for irritated skin. It’s also fragrance and oil free. One of my favourite new discoveries this year.

Sometimes over the serum I apply the Savar Essential Moisturiser, they have one for normal/dry skin and one for combination/oily skin.  I opted for the latter as I’ve found my skin has been displaying characteristics of the combination category. This moisturiser is light and gentle, and very easily absorbed into the skin. It has a gentle orange scent which luckily isn’t overbearing. I don’t particularly like the scent of orange in products but the fragrance is subtle and the benefits of the product more than make it worth the while for me to lather it on.

I’ve been using the Oasis Beauty BB Cream in lieu of all that other harmful chemically products that I’ve thrown out and my skin and I couldn’t be happier and in my opinion couldn’t look better. This BB Cream offers a matt finish which took me a little while to get used to but it offers great coverage and settles into your skin beautifully. In the long haul Oasis suggests that is visibly improves the look and feel of your skin. It’s an all-in-one product (moisturiser, mineral foundation, concealer, anti-ageing/skin correcting treatment and sunscreen) that is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. It also comes off easily at the end of the day.

On my lips: I no longer wear lipstick everyday, though when I do I opt for the Karen Murrel range. On a daily basis I wear the Hurraw! Balm I’ve used the almond, vanilla and black cherry (which is tinted) since the brand become available in New Zealand. I wear the black cherry during the day so when I open the door to sign for my mail I have a tint of colour on my lips and I opt for the vanilla at night. The balms don’t melt , aren’t sticky, and are long lasting. Hurraw! Balms are all natural, vegan and made from raw, organic and fair trade ingredients. My whole family uses them now.


On my body

You can’t go past a product that promotes itself like this: “from top-to-toe and everywhere in-between”. The Oasis Beauty Rhino Repair definitely lives up to it. It’s a natural repair cream that absorbs quickly and relieves everything from irritated skin around the eye area, dry skin, cracked heels, nappy rash, itchy bites and sunburn. I’ve been using the Rhino Repair when I find my belly getting a little itchy and it works like a charm. It’s long lasting and healing. I’ve used it on my lips when I can’t find my lip gloss and I hear it’s an absolute must for the baby bag. I wouldn’t know but based on the results I’ve seen, it will definitely be in my baby bag.

I started using the Savar Advanced Hand Repair a few months ago and have already got through half the bottle. I’ll walk from the lounge to get the bedroom (passing other alternatives) to put some of this goodness on. This hand cream does wonders for your nails and cuticles, meaning one less product to think about. In lieu of my prescribed steroid cream for my eczema I’ve been using the Savar hand repair as a gentler alternative during my pregnancy. The company suggests that it also helps soothe psoriasis.

Now, before anyone rolls their eyes at me, I am a little concerned about stretch marks. I have a few already, but nothing too visible or too bad. I don’t want to get into a huge conversation about what can be done to lessen stretch marks but I do think it’s always a good idea to keep the belly and surrounding areas moisturised and to stay hydrated. Earlier on in the year I tried rosehip oil and I hated it! The smell was foul and I don’t care how good something is for me, if I don’t like the smell it’s not going to happen.

The ladies are Bare PR (who are just all around lovely humans) gently suggested I try the Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil. I did, with great caution, and was more than pleasantly surprised. There was absolutely no smell.  While this product has cult like following and celebrity endorsements, I couldn’t care less that Princess Kate used it. That just means it worked for her skin, what really matters is if it will work for mine. And it has. My bump is already quite big (based obviously on what I’m used to my body looking like) and I haven’t got a single stretch mark but more than that the area looks glow-y and healthy. I’ve also been using it on my eczema scars and noticed that they’ve lightened significantly. Apparently the product is great for the whole family but Patrick and Miss 11 have yet developed a situation that requires it. And a few more nifty uses: great for maintaining a healthy scalp, easily removes eye make-up – perfect if you have sensitive skin, AND if you mix it with loose-powder mineral  make-up you can instantly create a custom liquid foundation with a dewy finish!

Has your skincare routine changed recently?
Or did you find it changed when you were pregnant? 

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