Last week I brought you a special post on how to burn candles evenly with luxury New Zealand brand MARACA. Today we’re extending the conversation further from candles to fragrance. In particular how one chooses a fragrance for their home. Many of us have a signature scent, a perfume that we’ve been wearing for years and often there’s a specific memory about how we came to that decision. I’ve been thinking about the signature scent of my home and I was stumped. My home didn’t have one. So I sneaked in a question about choosing a fragrance for your home when talking about MARACA with the founder and nose of the brand, Chris Lim. Here’s what Chris had to say about it:

The fragrance you use in your home is one of the first things people experience when they walk through your front door. It communicates everything from your sense of style to your personal identity and is such a personal choice. To introduce fragrance into your home select a few different fragrances that you enjoy and rotate these scents every few months.  This will let you get a feel for each fragrance and then you can either pick the fragrance that becomes your homes signature scent or you can alternate the fragrances depending on how you are feeling or what season it is. For instance a floral or fruity fragrance is perfect for summer and a warm spicy or woody aromatic fragrance makes winter deliciously cosy. If you are having a special occasion at home I always recommend choosing a wow fragrance.  It’s like bringing out the best china and crystal glasses – a fragrance, like music, can help to make a special occasion a memorable one.

There was a lot there for me to work through so I started with what I thought was the most obvious: a signature scent versus various scents? I opted for the various scents (but I’m definitely drawn to one day having a signature scent for my home).

So let me give you a somewhat olfactory tour of my home and the various fragrances I’ve chosen for it and the thought process behind it all.


Tip: Consider when that particular room gets the most use and find a fragrance suitable for that time of day.

As you walk through the door into the lounge I’ve chosen the Shanghai Night candle, layered with the Shanghai Night diffuser. The lounge area doesn’t get much activity during the day from Monday to Friday. It’s an area that comes alive at night so the Shanghai Night fragrance with its woody base notes was perfect. This exotic fragrance is a perfection addition to our worldly taste in music and the art and textiles we pick up during our travels that are present in our lounge area.  In almost every space I’ve included a diffuser of the same fragrance as the candle to enhance the scent. Diffusers are also a wonderful way to introduce fragrance to a large, open space slowly and consistently.

Tip: Where possible layer the candle with a diffuser of the same fragrance.


My kitchen, dining space and lounge are really one big open space but easily demarcated and ‘sectioned’ with furniture and so on. I love cooking but I don’t like the lingering smell of food. For the kitchen I opted for the Sunset Dreams candle and the Sunset Dreams diffuser. This fragrance is a tropical fruit medley which adds a subtle ambience when you walk into the kitchen in the early hours of the morning but instantly perks up and masks odour when pots and pans are clanging.

Tip: Consider the purpose of the room and pick your fragrance accordingly. For instance something stronger in the kitchen to mask odour compared to a lighter scent for a bedroom.


Down the passage way you’ll find a few doors, one of those doors leads you into the newly converted guest bedroom (previously Miss 11’s room). Patrick and I have wanted our home to feel lived in but like a holiday home at the same time. Somewhere we, and our friends and family, can feel ‘at home’ but also with the air of a midweek getaway. For the guest room I chose the Mulan candle and Mulan diffuser. I didn’t want the guest room to be overly feminine and I felt that the Mulan fragrance with the mixture of fruit, magnolia, cedarwood and vanilla bean encapsulated the perfect balance between femininity and masculinity.

Tip: Consider how you want to feel and how you’d like visitors to your home to feel.


Just off the guest room is the guest bathroom. This is one of my favourite rooms in the house. The shower is huge, the room itself is spacious and there’s a lovely bath tub. This is the only room in the house where I don’t have a candle. Instead I’ve opted for MARACA’s body care line. Currently their body care is available in a single fragrance ‘Bloom’ a formulation that is enriched with several botanical extracts and oils. The hand and body wash, hand and body lotion and hand cream add not only an air of luxury to the room but are also texture-rich products that nourish and moisturise with a lingering scent. Having these products as a treat for my guests is perfect and I use the Bloom diffuser to gently keep the bathroom smelling like a spring bouquet.


Tip: Where possible add body care products of the same fragrance to your candles and diffusers. This works perfectly in guest bedrooms, the bathroom and even the kitchen.


And finally, to the last little nook in our home and my sanctuary, the master bedroom. For our bedroom I chose the most gentle scent I could find. But having said ‘gentle’ let me explain that I do not mean difficult to smell! Nothing annoys me more than finding a gentle fragrance that you can’t really make out in your room! The Roseraie candle and Roseraie diffuser offer a fresh and youthful feel to our room. A gentle scent that’s obvious in a gentle way. When choosing this scent I was also mindful that in a few months there will be a baby in here!

As I walk through each room in our home I can’t help but feel different. Each space with its art, décor and memories invokes different emotions and now with the thoughtful addition of fragrance I feel like the sensory journey is complete. I can’t wait to have our guests settle in and enjoy our home, which for us feels like a luxurious retreat every single day.

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  • This article was so much fun to read and so helpful for me to choose what kind of fragrance I want in my home. I love that you mentioned a tip of considering the purpose of the room. You talk about how a room would have a lighter scent compared to a kitchen scent that is meant to mask the food or odor. My best friends birthday is coming up and I wanted to get her a smell for her room that she would love to walk into. Thanks for the help, I will keep your tip in mind while looking for fragrances.

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