I haven’t ever really approached any of my social media platforms with a strategy to increase followers and I suppose in some ways that could ‘hurt’ my numbers. My numbers fluctuate a lot, but I didn’t realise just how much until I had a one on one consulting session with Kayd Roy. I’m quite systematic about blocking and reporting spam accounts or other suspicious accounts as soon as they follow. I can’t actually remember the numbers that Kayd quoted but it was something like 172 new followers in the past month and 65 un-follows. So here it is, the first step to growing your Instagram, is understanding your numbers and your community. 

How does the fluctuating numbers make me feel? It makes me feel really good. It means that the my words and images don’t resonate with everyone, I’m not adding any value to their lives and they choose to find inspiration elsewhere. That’s great because that’s my approach too. I find that I un-follow the accounts of people whose photos I don’t find inspiring or whose words and messages don’t add value to my life. I like the accounts of people who challenge my thinking, who remind me to be grateful and present. It also allows me to better interact with the friends I have. I think of the people who remain as those who really want to be there, who feel that I offer something they enjoy and relate to. The ‘mass’ un-follows make me grateful and present for the people who remain.What I’m really getting at is the importance of understanding your community. Understanding your numbers, the people who follow you, the type of photos they engage with the most, when they are most active and so on. As with many aspects of life and success, understanding is key and I think this holds true for social media. To understand my Instagram community I use Iconosquare and love it. I now track my numbers myself, not diligently but in an informed manner. It lets me know who has followed and unfollowed, photos that got the most likes and comments, the most popular hashtags I’ve used and when my audience is on-line and engaged. I don’t make it all about the numbers, I don’t stress over them, the goal is to be informed.

This month I’m going to be doing a series of posts on How to Grow Your Instagram (how I take the photos, tips and tricks and a giveaway – hint it might have something to do with Kayd!) so if you have any questions pop them in the comments section and I’ll definitely get to them this month.

Do you look at your numbers? How do you feel when they drop? Are you on Instgram? Leave me your handle below. You can find me at ‘alifeunstyled’ or here

9 comments on “How To Grow Your Instagram”

  • I'm really looking forward to these posts V! Your photos are beautiful!

  • Aleshea says:

    Yay, Can't wait to read. I adore your instagram feed.

  • Instagram is my favourite social media tool, I find it hard to un-follow but I think that I have to agree with you there and un-follow any that dont inspire me or that I never like or comment on. That leaves room for more inspiring pictures to come through.
    Looking forward to this series you are always sharing the knowledge which is really appreciated 🙂
    We are already Insta pals xx

  • Steph says:

    Wonderful idea for a series. Can't wait to read! Love your feed. I need to pay more attention to mine. I find it difficult to post during the week since I'm working and running the company's instagram which means signing out and in again… I'm at @littleobservationist!

  • Gabrielle says:

    I look forward to reading your Instagram blog posts 🙂


  • I am looking forward to these posts…I love your feed. Your photos have been especially stunning lately.
    I don't usually unfollow people but lately I felt the need to declutter and so went through and unfollowed quite a few feeds that no longer spoke to me…it felt good.

  • I just actually had a look at my stats via Iconosquare and was wondering what you think about following those who follow you? Iconosquare seems to place a big emphasis on following those you follow you and I suppose it does help create community…but how do you balance that with wanting a relatively streamlined feed?

    • Hi Caitlin, I don't follow everyone back. When Kayd and I spoke she mentioned how that's a good way to build a community. I only follow back if I connect with the person's gallery. I try to visit the gallery of everyone who likes my pictures, follows or leaves a comment. I'll have a look around, leave a comment and decide if I want to follow or not. I also think about how I look at accounts where the ratio of followers to following is almost equal. That makes me suspicious about if it's just about the numbers for this person and if it's one of those 'follow me and I'll follow back' situations. My philosophy is also to interact with people who inspire you or add value to your life. I hope that helps? x

  • Iconosquare is great, thank you for sharing! I have SO much more to learn with Instagram and the potential, especially being in fashion. I think I struggle most with what content I think is relevant and interesting, rather than just posting for the sake of it…. work in progress!

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