I have a number of hair memories from when I was younger. Many involved running ahead of my mother as a child to the lovely lady who did my hair for about 20 years and begging her “not too much” (as in please don’t cut too much of my awfully fine hair off) and then the confidence that appeared out of no where one day when I strolled in and said “just cut it off!” which then started my love of pixie cuts (I was about 11 years old). One school holiday however I became fascinated with how my hair looked after weeks at the beach. I had read in Dolly magazine (don’t judge!) about how sea water, lemon and the sun can help your recreate those beach waves and the sun kissed colour. Each trip to the beach resulted in me discretely collecting a little bit of sea water to bring home.

As someone with fine, straight hair the grass is of course greener on the thicker, more curly side. I love creating that messy look. A few months ago my sister and I were going out and she said “your hair is kinda messy” and I was chuffed “I know right, it took me all morning” I’ve spent years trying to figure out the easiest and least harmful/damaging way to create the beach hair look. If I could I’d spend every morning at the beach (when I can, I do) but it’s not the most practical option. Two weeks ago I started using the Lush Sea Spray Hair Mist and I’ve used it almost every other day.

The Lush Sea Spray hair mist is my answer to collecting sea water, with the added benefit of longer lasting body, volume and hold. The Sea Spray can be used in many ways. You can apply it before blow-drying for hold and style or you can apply it to dry hair and work it through for beach waves. The smell of things is a huge deal breaker for me. This hair mist has a pleasant grapefruit scent and the rosewood oil (along with the other ingredients) provide a lovely shine.

I don’t normally do posts like these but I thought I’d quickly show you how I create my home version of beach hair long after the summer holidays.
I start with wet hair. I blow dry my fringe first (side to side if you want it to fall straight) and then the rest of my hair. 
Next I take the straightener and smooth out my fringe a little more. After that I make some waves – messy and haphazard. I don’t do this perfectly and I don’t get all the hair/strands and I don’t worry because what I miss the sea salt spray will take care of. If I don’t have a long day ahead I skip this and just apply the sea salt hair mist to my blow-dried hair. 
I loosen up the waves/curls/mess by running my fingers through them
I flip my hair over and spray the sea salt hair mist all over – I use it quite liberally (I’m at the madly in love stage) but you don’t need that much. I give my hair a good shake, scrunch it up a bit…
And instantly I have more volume, it smells great and it looks messy but chic (in my humble opinion) – finally a method that doesn’t take all morning! 

Do you like the beach hair look? Don’t worry I won’t be offended if you don’t. 

Have you tried the Lush Sea Spray Hair Mist? I’ve been swearing by it, especially on those bad hair days in-between washes!

3 comments on “Creating Beach Hair After Summer: Lush Sea Spray”

  • I love the beach hair look and of course I mostly do it in summer and on occasion in winter. I use the Fudge Urban Sea Salt hair spray but it can sometimes leave my hair feeling quite crunchy. This Lush one is definitely next on my list to try when I have finished my current one! P.S Your hair looks awesome, totally chic! 😉

  • Ann Krembs says:

    You're so pretty! And yes, I love beachy hair, and on you it's great! Since my hair is short, I wonder what that spray would do for me. Next time I pass a LUSH, I'll hop in and check. I love the texture it adds. I feel like I'll be growing my hair out (not sold on totally short hair), so this product seems like a good one for getting back to some length. And anything that smells good–WIN!

    Fun post Vanisha!


    Ann of Kremb de la Kremb

  • Nadeena says:

    aha! so it works! I guess it was my Google Chrome browser (currently on Safari). Always…I love this! I have poofy/curly/wavy hair. And frizzy. So it's kind of a multiple personality disorder situation…you never really know what you're going to get. I have never used the Lush spray but I did use the Not Your Mothers Sea Salt Spray (it's a mouthful I know)…I think I liked it except cuz my hair is long…I can definitely feel like I have product in it after awhile and then it gets knotty…but I guess thats the "beach hair" effect..cuz my hair does for real get knotty with the salt air by the beach. I loved this post though, hope you do more.

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