In the beginning a twenty-two year old moved from the comfortable and somewhat luxurious life she led in Fiji to Canberra, Australia. All because of the love of research and academia. Enrolled in a Doctoral program at the highly ranked Australian National University, life in Australia began. A man, also from Fiji, lecturing at the highly ranked Otago University in New Zealand used to make numerous trips to Canberra.

In June 2010 they decided they would get married. In Hong Kong. There was no proposal, that would happen in 2015. Why Hong Kong? They were both going anyway, to present at a conference. True academics! The day after they were married, he flew to New Zealand, she flew back to Australia. That’s when this blog was born. They saw each other months later at the Auckland airport, en-route to Samoa.

After six months, the big move was imminent. He resigned from his prestigious university. She surprised him New Zealand two days before he was flying to Australia! (Only 5 days since they’d been together in Samoa!) They arrived in Australia together. Celebrated Christmas and then left for 10 months, moving around the Pacific! Before returning to Australia, they had their marriage blessed and sneaked in a trip to the Cook Islands and Timor Leste.

In 2012 he returned to his university in New Zealand and she remained in Australia completing her PhD. They continued to travel up and down. In 2013 they suffered a big blow, she found out she couldn’t have children. It took her a few months to deal with this. In November 2013, she submitted her PhD and once again they were packing and moving. While the logical move was for her to follow him to New Zealand, she followed her work and passions to Fiji. In December 2013, they also became guardians to Miss 10 who has firmly rooted herself in their lives. In March 2014, the news arrived her doctoral dissertation had been passed without changes. She became a Doctor. Much of 2014 was spent embracing the rhythms of life with a little one and finally setting up the consultancy firm they always wanted to open together – Making Connections Fiji. Not a lot has changed yet everything is different.

I’m Vanisha, my husband is Patrick and this is our story! Though, mostly  just mine…

(The story from the beginning to May 2015. View our year in pictures)

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