We don’t really have a bucket list. Instead we have a criteria as we often keep going back to places we’ve already traveled to as we love getting to know these places better. Timor Leste was a country I really wanted to visit and we went a few years ago. We try to vary our travels and look at it in terms of three countries/trips per year: there’s usually a trip home to Fiji, a trip back to somewhere we’ve been already and a trip to somewhere new. One year the priority was traveling around Fiji so we stuck to that. We’re hoping to do more of the Pacific, especially the Micronesian islands, as a matter of priority given the effects of climate change on them.”

I don’t do interviews too often, but in the last few months I’ve done a few that I’ve really enjoyed. In this interview with Skinfood New Zealand I talk about blogging, working and mothering, travel and how we decide where to go and some favorite skincare tips for mum and bub.

The full interview is available here.

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