Three people that the new Savar Fem Wash might be right for.

I don’t use a fem wash. I’m of the point of view that for the most part our bodies regulate themselves and need very little intervention from us. Pregnancy demonstrated this to me quite clearly. I also know that soap and body wash are very harsh for the vaginal area. In many countries boys and girls from a very young age are encouraged to soap up their sensitive areas, when this could actually be quite drying to their skin and greatly interfere with the bodies natural processes. In many Asian countries though, girls from the onset of puberty are introduced to gentle, fem washes and are taught not to use soap or body wash around the vagina.

I’m not a doctor, so if you have any questions I strongly encourage you to seek professional advice. When I received the new Savar Safe and Gentle Fem Wash I reached out to them to better understand where they were coming from. And to learn more about the product. I don’t think fem washes are for everyone – there are people who would prefer not to use them, and I understand that. I’m inclined to agree. But I have thought about who this product would be wonderful for (I never think that just because I don’t use something others shouldn’t, or that because everyone else is using or doing something, that I should be too). Each to their own. I do encourage everyone to get as much information they can.

If you already use a fem wash. If you are already someone who loves and uses fem washes, I think you’d be doing yourself a favor by trying the Savar Safe and Gentle Fem Wash. Perhaps you’d like to start by looking at the ingredient list of your fem wash and comparing it to the Savar one, which like the entire Savar ingredient list “encompasses an entire plant catalogue”. If you’ve been troubled by the ingredients in your fem wash but were unable to find a suitable, plant-based alternative – definitely try this product.

If you use soap around your vaginal area. If you use soap you might consider switching to a plant-based fem wash like the Savar one. Again, I’m not a doctor, so do your own research and talk to a professional. Many women feel a lot of discomfort and encounter irritation with soap. The harshness of the ingredients in soap might just be the issue.

If you get a Brazilian wax. If you are familiar with the Brazilian wax process you know salons ask you to wipe yourself before waxing. Often you are offered wet wipes. The Savar Safe and Gentle Fem Wash is a wonderful alternative, and is becoming quite popular in salons. Instead of wet wipes, you can use a small amount on a damp cloth for cleansing before your wax.

While I do not use fem washes, I have tried the Savar Safe and Gentle Fem Wash. It is luxurious, appears to be gentle on the skin and has a pleasant fragrance, but most importantly it has an impressive ingredient list that harnesses the best properties from plants that are gentle, nourishing and beneficial to our skin. This product is worth a try, or at the very least, it is worth looking into and reading about.

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