Karen Murrell natural lipstick, nothing nasty touches my lips

About a month ago I received the Karen Murrell Princesses of the Golden Petals collection of natural lipstick. I do not usually have that many PR packages sent to me, and this is one product/collection I actually requested to be sent. I have long been a Karen Murrell fan and was swooning over the stunning photos from the launch of the collection in Auckland. A lipstick is a lipstick is a lipstick. And I tend to agree. You can find similar colours across a range of brands. I’m not one that can tell the difference between two seemingly similar shades of pink. However, for me, the difference between Karen Murrell products and other lipstick brands are clear.

The Karen Murrell range stands out for what it does not contain. There is no coal tar (a known carcinogen derived from burning coal), no carmine (while labelled as non-toxic and not harmful, is derived from the shells of a female insect Coccus Cacti, it’s commonly used to achieve bright reds and pinks in lipstick), no mineral oils (made from petroleum, as a by-product of the distillation of petroleum to produce gasoline), no triclosan (an antimicrobial agent that in recent years has been found to be dangerous and unnecessary), parabens (preservatives that contain endocrine-disrupting chemicals) or BBP’s (classified as toxic) in her products. Instead, Karen Murrell products are full of natural ingredients that are safe for you and the planet.

What intrigued me most about this new collection were the colours, and I was curious to see if Karen could actually achieve a lasting, wearable lipstick while remaining true to her all natural, ‘nothing nasty touches my lips’ philosophy. Much like her existing collection, the five new colours: Fiery Ruby (21), Bordeaux Rouge (22), Blushing Rose (23), Haute Bhoeme (24) and Crown Jewel (25) are all hydrating and long-lasting. I love the metallic element present in the entire Princesses of the Golden Petal range. I can only imagine the dedication and perseverance it took to produce a natural range of lipstick with this signature golden shimmer.

My two absolute favourites from this collection are: Blushing Rose (23) as an everyday lipstick. I’ve always shied away from pinks in favour of nudes and browns, but this is the perfect nude pink. It is my go-to especially when I do not have any make-up on. Crown Jewel (25), this one is appropriately named, as it is indeed (in my opinion) the crown jewel of the collection. A copper colour that is packed with a brilliant gold shimmer. I love wearing this when I have a little more makeup on my face. But it’s not so precious that you wouldn’t want to pop it on to go to the store. It is wearable yet luxurious.

And now just a quick, nifty little trick that has helped a complete make-up novice like me with lipstick application:

Apply concealer around your lips and blend. Then apply your lipstick. I find that this has helped define my lips, as well as stopping the lipstick from smudging. I try to minimise the number of products I use so having concealer also help with lipstick application instead of a lip pencil was wonderful.



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