The last nine months have provided many lessons. One of the first was in patience and learning to let go (of control). There was also self-care. Letting go of the small things. Learning to make the most of the few hours each day I dedicate to work, which in turn saw me become the most productive during pregnancy. But no lesson was as consistent as learning to love better. Learning to love myself, my body, and of course my husband. In becoming gentler with myself I allowed myself to love me better. In becoming gentler with Patrick, in my words and actions, I found myself loving him better.  It’s changed the rhythm of our home and our lifestyle. Sometimes it’s easy to fall into comfortable and working routines of work, life and love. Many of these routines work, they are good, they’re comfortable. But why not try loving better when we’d happily try working better, or parenting better? I’m not entirely sure how I fell into this but I’m glad that we’ve found ways to build on our relationship and show love and gratitude in different, sometimes better, ways.

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Photos by Sinead Jenkins Photography 

We’re absolutely grateful that Dunedin based photographer Sinead Jenkins was able to capture glimpses of our usual Saturday wanderings at the Otago Farmers Market. I’m sure our little one is going to love looking at these photos that include him/her!

2 comments on “Learning to Love Better”

  • Arieta says:

    Honestly – love heart eyes all around. Thank you – you’re a couple we look up to. You don’t pretend to be perfect yet that’s what makes reading your journey so relatable and so loveable. Thank you for sharing these insights into your life, I appreciate it, and still read every post. Vinaka x

  • Kath says:

    Beautiful reflection, the pictures certainly reflect your loving and wonderful relationship. Happy Mother’s Day!

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