One of my proudest moments was helping set up a children’s reading space at the Levuka Library in Fiji. My little dream of having a comfortable space for children to pop in and read a book in comfort is growing year by year. This past month I was so lucky to receive a wonderful present in the mail from One Day Hill Publishers Australia for the children’s reading space – I’ll tell you all about that in another post, soon. Today I thought I’d share some of messages we’ve received from the librarian:

“The first thing that caught my eye when I entered the center, was the very attractive and eye catchy reading space that you setup in the Levuka Public Library. On behalf of the National Trust of Fiji Islands, Levuka Staff I take this opportunity to thank you for your kind donation to the Levuka Library…The kids and everyone likes the newly setup reading space and the picture storybooks…”
“We created a box house out of old boxes (not pictured) that were lying around in our store room, during Recycling Week…the kids really really loved it…it was put in the childrens reading corner and kids would line up there everyday!!! Esp the girls, the boys would be outside the box house scaring the girls…..every little kid that came in to the Library would just pick a book from the shelf, take a cushion and go into the box house……..at times i would end up waking some of them up to go home!!!!! Thank you Vanisha for your brilliant idea!!!…….”
“…We decided to increase the reading space…everyone that uses the reading space really enjoys it and love it alot…..even the three of us, we imagine ourselves as kids sitting and reading and its alot of FUN!!!!!!”

I first mentioned my desire to set something like this up here on the blog and I’m so thankful for your words of support and encouragement. Patrick and I support the space financially. We receive a list of what the children would like twice a year from the librarian and we slowly work through that list. Sometimes we’re really lucky and blessed that people pitch in and help us out, other times we got at it ourselves. And that’s okay too.

Now, if anyone knows where I can get my hands on some ‘easy reader’ books please let me know – that has been a recurring item on the lists. 
(apparently ‘easy reader’ books are picture books with maybe one or two, short, easy sentences on each page)

28 comments on “Levuka Children’s Reading Space: Update”

  • Wow. That is amazing work that you're doing. I think that you should add a page to your blog with the current wish list. Maybe some of your readers would like to help your efforts. 🙂

  • Try approaching the ACT Library Service (they're on Twitter) or primary school libraries. They weed old books pretty regularly, and would probably be happy to donate them to a great cause like this!

    Much like what I was talking to you about via email the other week, the worst they can say is no 🙂

  • Stephanie says:

    This is such a great achievement Vanisha, i am happy that your dream is emerging in reality 🙂 Do send me an email if you need some help/support

    xo Stephanie

  • Helen says:

    V I can help you out with that! Easy Reader books are EVERYWHERE in the UK. E-mail me with more info. I'm proud of you!

  • Katrin says:

    Vanisha, you are more than wonderful! WOW! This is so fantastic!

  • Lovely Light says:

    So impressive! My mom was a librarian- I love libraries and books. Thanks for passing the love of reading onto others.

  • Bonnie says:

    This is absolutely beautiful. You are so lucky to have gotten an opportunity to give back like this.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  • toi says:

    i love books and it makes me happy to read that you are encouraging children to love books too. keep up the great work

  • Rachel says:

    So, so lovely!! Children's books/libraries/ reading spaces are just so wonderful – big thumbs up for making this happen!!!

  • Congratulations Vanisha, what a meaningful achievement! Books and libraries were some of my favourite things as a child so I know how much this will mean to the children. So proud of you! 🙂 xo K

  • Such an inspiring and meaningful achievement. A beautiful gift for the children. 🙂

  • That's absolutely amazing! What a great, meaningful feat! Congrats x

  • Lauryn says:

    Wow, that is incredible! I have fond memories of visiting the library as a child. Thank you for giving that same gift to countless children 🙂

  • Sam says:

    This is such a beautiful and inspiring gesture Vanisha! You must be so prude to see your vision come alive and that because of you, so many more kids will be given the gift of reading and actually look forward to visiting the library. Well done on this hun!

  • B says:

    truly inspirational. what a beautiful gift you have given these children, one that will give back to each of them throughout their lives. thank you for sharing.

  • Oh wow what an awesome way to
    Give back…you are too awesome Vanisha!!

  • Ashley says:

    Wow! What an awesome gift. You are so great for doing this.

    Maybe contact local churches about the books? I'm sure they could put together a service project and help you out!

  • SazzJK says:

    It looks amazing V!! I hope I can see it one day – really have to make my way to Levuka.

  • Lozzz123 says:

    What a lovely thing to do! How inspiring 🙂

  • Hi Vanisha! This is wonderful and I am so impressed at what you're doing. Things like this really make a difference in the world and we are so blessed that there are people like you and your husband who find a need and work on it. If I come across any books, I will hang on to them to send your way 🙂

  • You are such a beautiful and inspiring woman. Congratulations- I can't wait to hear what the gift is!

  • This is so beautiful and inspiring Vanisha! What a wonderful project to be part of. You can be very proud 🙂 (I am!)

  • Mandi says:

    What a brilliant and worthwhile dream you have. I absolutely respect your work, dedication and spirit to make such a significant difference. Keep up the great work. The world needs people like you!

    xx Mandi

  • Christine T says:

    Oh my gosh- what a beautiful heart to serve you have! It is inspiring to me to keep what I am doing. I have never been to Fuji- maybe one day.. ^_^

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    10 seconds tops! I need 50 more votes: pls tweet it if you can & perhaps a shoutout on your blog too! ^_^ I have a feeling someone with a heart like yours would love to support me in this!



  • Patty says:

    What a fantastic and inspiring thing to do Vanisha! I need to do more to give back to the community, and the little people community is my favorite. Them, and books. Great combination 🙂

  • Sara says:

    So thoughtful!!! I always wanted to read books to children but have been slow to volunteer. I'll read through posts, but if you had an address to send books, I'd happily donate!

  • Tyne Swedish says:

    This is so heart warming. Dear you truly are a great person and I hope others look to you for a role model because you are all that a person should be. You drive and determination are helping these children in many ways you both know and do not know (at least not yet). I often think back to my happy childhood memories and a few of them are of going to the central library in Downtown Indy and watching films and reading books. Always having that door as open for me is probably some of the reason I am so obsessed with reading now. The able to, for a time, drift away from my problems is a powerful tool.


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