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I wonder if I’ve started taking life in the islands for granted. The slow pace, the lack of certainty when it comes to the days activities. The sips of Rosé  at 11am. Making a largely Dunedin-based wardrobe work in muggy 27 degree sun, rain and wind. Our time, and money, spent largely on food and togetherness. A minimal wardrobe refreshed simply and quickly and dark circles and tired eyes hidden with a rotation of two beautiful designer sunglasses that have been perfect for this trip. A little boy who hasn’t slept the whole night through since we arrived almost two months ago. Though in all honesty I wouldn’t have been able to sleep the night through either – there are people to talk to, scrabble battles to be engaged in, and did I mention the mugginess to contend with? Our bodies are tired, our minds foggy but our hearts never fuller. Our time here is almost at an end. The bags will be packed slowly, the tides of sadness of leaving and the excitement of being back in Dunedin will ebb and flow, and new adventures planned. But right now, it’s 10.34am and there’s a bottle of Moscato in my dad’s collection that needs to go in the fridge.

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