When Spring clears your mind

Without a home or wardrobe to ‘spring clean’ this season, other areas of my life have benefited with perspective and clarity. What an incredible and incredibly exhausting few months we have had. Our adventures, as thrilling as they are, often leave the three of us seeking comfort and familiarity within the unfamiliar.

I have somehow returned to those early days of Rafa’s life where feeds last almost an hour. They are draining, but I am reassured by the knowledge that this is bringing my child great comfort. As his surroundings constantly change, he is clinging to what he knows will not change.

We haven’t had a home cooked meal in weeks. Our apartment has a hot plate and I really could cook but the apartment is located in the city and we’re surrounded by so many options. Essentially a world food market at our doorstep. Though I must say that this lifestyle certainly gets very expensive, very quickly.

Amidst all this joyous upheaval has come an astounding amount of clarity and perspective. Questions not seriously considered (such as will Dunedin be home?) have been answered. Vagueness surrounding friendships have become certain. Priorities surer and pathways clearer.

The last few months of moving around hasn’t been easy. A lot of the time it has been incredibly draining. A toddler in a new city. Unsettled nights, giving way to long, demanding days. But the growth that our family is experiencing as a whole and as individuals is incredible. I think travel is such an important aspect of growth, though as has been said growth occurs when you put yourself outside of your comfort zone. The last four months and the next two months are a continued journey of life outside our comfort zone. I have a feeling 2018 is going to look very different.

When was the last time you gave yourself the opportunity and permission to venture outside of your comfort zone? To leave a comment or join the discussion, please head over to Instagram here

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