I’ve been doing quite a lot of freelance writing of late. It has provided the perfect transition from my busy work schedule to easing into the pregnancy and fingers crossed motherhood next year. Not too long ago the tables were turned a little when the Publisher and Editor of Mai Life magazine, based out of Fiji, asked me to be on the cover of the October issue. It was nerve wrecking but in true Vanisha fashion, I said yes and then panicked later. Works like a charm that one! I’ve been such a huge advocate for storytelling but I suppose sometimes I get caught up in the work of encouraging storytelling that I forget that I’ve got a pretty great story to tell. As we all do.

The October issue came out a few weeks ago and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the outcome. The Mai Life team treated my story with so much respect. The feedback from friends and strangers in Fiji has been encouraging. It’s one of the best things telling your story – the discussion, feedback and interaction that follows.

mai-life-magazine-fiji-cover-4mai-life-magazine-fiji-cover mai-life-magazine-fiji-cover-2

The magazine is available all over Fiji and if you wanted to order a copy without subscribing to the entire magazine, the editor Wame Valentine (an absolutely wonderful human) is happy to facilitate. All you need to do is send him a quick email at editor {at}  mailife {dot} com {dot} fj and let him know where you’d like the magazine shipped to. He’ll let you know how much it’ll cost and help get a copy out to you.

You can find more of my writing here: Kindred Collective (e-magazine), Stella Magazine and of course Mai Life. Thank you everyone for your love, support and engaged yet constructive criticism x

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