These month in books posts are quickly becoming a favourite. I’ve always tracked how much I read, but usually on a yearly basis. Having a look at my reading habits monthly offers quite a lot of insight, though these few months are skewed being in the third trimester of my pregnancy and doing what I can to rest and take care of myself. I’ve had a lot more time to indulge in books. This month I read more books that I considered notable and thoroughly enjoyed and I’m excited to share them with you compared to the previous months.

Notable Books 

1. All the Money In the World – Laura Vanderkam | This book got me re-thinking money, my professional work and the work I do at home. It was almost a sharp contrast to The Simple Life by Rhonda Hetzel that I read in January. Where Hetzel argued how we can change our lives by contributing in the home, Vanderkam argues that this is often ineffective and we’d be better off changing our lives through structures and institutions.

2. Stuffocation: Living More with Less – James Wallman | Where to take your minimal journey to next? This really opened my eyes to just how reactive minimalism is and how there is far more to be done on my journey towards a simple life, minimalism was merely the first step.

3. Bringing up Bebe + Bebe Day by Day 100 Keys to French Parenting – Pamela Druckerman | I picked this up as a light, fun read but started relating so much to what Druckerman learnt from the French. A lot of it was very practical and sense. It fit into how Patrick and I have talked about and considered raising our child. Patrick didn’t read the whole book, just the Bebe Day to Day 100 Keys to French Parenting (which you can get as a book on its own).

4. The Gifts of Imperfect Parenting – Brene Brown (Audio book) | I wasn’t a huge fan of Brene’s books, though I find her research and results fascinating, but this audio book was a turning point for me. I listened to it twice, once on my own and then with Patrick. We both thought it was excellent. Major takeaway: you can’t give your children what you don’t have.

5. The Gifts of Imperfection – Brene Brown | As of this month I’ve read three of Brene’s books Daring Greatly, The Gifts of Imperfection and Rising Strong and The Gifts of Imperfection is by far my favourite. The book delves into more detail than the audio book and puts a lot of the guideposts and learnings from the audio book into perspective.

Other Books 

6. Love, Style, Life – Garance Dore

7. Sneaker Wars – Barbara Smit | The enemy brothers who founded Adidas and Puma and the family feud that forever changed the business of sports

8. Adultery – Paulo Coelho

9. The Sartorialist X – Scott Schuman

10. Rising Strong – Brene Brown

11. Books, Baguettes and Bedbugs: The Left Bank World of Shakespeare & Co – Jeremy Mercer

12. Spark Joy: An Illustrated Guide to the Japanese Art of Tidying – Marie Kondo

Did you read anything that particularly moved you this month? I listened to my first audio book – only because there wasn’t a print version of the book, it was an interesting experience! 

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  • Katrien Pickles says:

    I love this series, Vanisha! Your book reviews are real and relatable. Thank you, lovely one xx Katrien

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