We have a number of trips coming up and one area of life in my journey towards minimalism that I needed to work on was packing for travel. I’d like to think I travel quite light but as always there’s room for improvement. One of my biggest challenges was skincare products. Often mini versions of the products I use weren’t available and decanting them into other bottles just didn’t appeal. Ultimately I’d either end up lugging full size version of products (often needing to discard them to make room for shopping on my return) or buying travel size versions of products I really didn’t like. Add to that finding things to store said products in.

Two years ago I invested in the Cuyana leather travel case set which easily (and stylishly) took care of what I’d pack my skincare products in but I was still struggling with finding a solution around the actual product end of things. In August this year I was beside myself with excitement when I discovered that Savar (where almost all my skincare products come from) had released their natural, plant based, luxury skin and hair care products in a mini travel set. This new set of four minis (each 50ml) includes the Savar Energising Body Wash, the Savar Nourishing Body Lotion and the Ultra Cleaning Shampoo and Ultra Nourishing Conditioner. I’ve written about these products in fairly great detail here if you’re interested in reading reviews.


So that takes care of the shower – body wash, shampoo, conditioner and body lotion…obviously there’s a lot more to a skincare routine. Well mine anyway. And here’s where I feel really clever! I’ve discovered that the Savar Natural Luxury Gift Set makes the perfect travel buddy to the travel mini set! The luxury gift set contains five 30ml products: face wash, a multi toner, a moisturiser, night cream and a moisture mask. All the products you would need on a daily basis and a little extra for pampering and instant pick me ups in nine mini bottles. I’ve come to really love Savar as a brand but the more I see the products they release it’s obvious that they are about fewer, better, complementary products as well. I have a lot of respect for that type of an approach to business.

All the bottles fit neatly in my travel case. I no longer have to compromise a skincare regime that works when I travel simply due to size and weight considerations. That’s my skincare products all packed and ready for the trip.

Now, if it would only be November already.

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